IMG_6693 IMG_6747 IMG_6770 IMG_6775 IMG_6817 IMG_6825 IMG_6831 IMG_6852 IMG_6861 IMG_6866May 9,  2012 – We Are Serenades @ Mercury Lounge, NY

We Are Serenades‘ [Adam Olenius and Markus Krunegard and friends] are snazzy dressers, and great performers.  On May 9th, at Mercury Lounge, the lovechild of Shout Out Louds and Laakso,  put on an incredibly fun and technically inspired show –  performing a collection of synth-inspired folk songs – ranging from, the beautiful harmonies of “Daydreaming” to the off-tempo-yet-incredibly-fun “Weapons”. I found it funny – a Swedish band performing in the States, sang back-to-back songs about Mexico – opening their set with “Criminal Heaven” [the song from which the album takes it’s title] and ending on Christopher Cross’ “Ride Like the Wind”.  It also dawned on me that “All the Words” will  play at my wedding this summer.

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