New Prints : 43 Magazine

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43 Magazine just added select prints from the 43 issue 003 gallery shows to theironline store, including prints of jahmal williams, bobby puleo, koki loaiza, connor kammerer, and yonnie cruz. Have a look here:

New Installation : Voice Tunnel NYC

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Open to pedestrians for the first time, the Park Avenue Tunnel running from 33rd Street to 40th Street will be accessible to pedestrians from the 33rd Street entrance during Summer Streets between the hours of 7 am and 1 pm on August 3, 10 and 17.

An interactive light and sound installation by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, “Voice Tunnel” will transform the 1,400 foot long Tunnel with 300 theatrical spotlights that produce glimmering arches of light along the tunnel’s walls and ceiling. Participants will be able to influence the intensity of each light by speaking into a special intercom at the tunnel’s center that records their voice and loops it. Louder speech increases the lights’ brightness proportionally, creating a Morse-like code of flashes throughout the tunnel. The individual voices can be heard as pedestrians walk through the tunnel, on 150 loudspeakers, one beside each light arch and synchronized with it.

At any given time, the tunnel is illuminated by the voices of the past 90 participants. As new participants speak into the intercom, older recordings get pushed away by one position down the array of light fixtures until they leave the tunnel, so that the content of the piece is constantly changing.

Charming Baker Exhibition : Lie Down I Think I Love You

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It is remarkable that after only seven years of exhibiting his work to the public, Baker has achieved worldwide recognition. In 2010 with the backing of Magnarella he had a sell-out show in New York and received a similarly avid reception in London the following year. In 2012 he was chosen to participate in the V&A exhibition Britain Creates 2012: Fashion + Art Collusion in collaboration with acclaimed British designer Sir Paul Smith. His forthcoming and much-anticipated exhibition in Los Angeles will cement Baker’s growing reputation as one of the most dynamic British artists of his generation.

WHO:  Charming Baker

WHAT: Lie Down I Think I Love You -British artist Charming Baker is to stage his largest ever solo exhibition at Milk Studios, Los Angeles beginning tomorrow, March 22, 2013. Entitled Lie Down I Think I Love You, it will showcase new work exploring the unpredictable nature of love. It will comprise of 20 paintings as well as prints and sculptures. Baker will also unveil a sculptural installation depicting an oversized plastic toy passenger plane. Never having produced a work on such a scale before, this will mark a new phase in the artist’s oeuvre.

WHERE: Milk Studios | 855 N Cahuenga Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90038

WHEN: Friday March 22 – 24, 2013

Mars-1 x Brendan Monroe

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Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1) paints from a penetrating perspective of great depth. Viewers are drawn into his imaginative compositions, overflowing with colorful geometric and organic shapes, layered to form unique patterns and textures.

The artist signature style of vast, abstracted, quasi-extraterrestrial looking landscapes feature imagery of surreal distortions, contained within spherically convex transparent bubbles. Skillfully combining optical color blending with perspective line work, his painting techniques result in very three-dimensional forms, which echo the anatomy of architecture, and microcosmic structures of biology.

These 3-D qualities transcend into his sculptural work, as well. Mars-1’s distinctly individual aesthetic is not easily compared to the vision of his contemporaries or artists from past movements. His constantly evolving process continues to expand with each new series of work, seemingly beyond the reaches of even his own awareness.

Themes explored range from very scientific to more esoteric phenomena. From theoretical physics, metamorphosis and collective consciousness, to ufology and examining possibilities of otherworldly principles, the relative link between physical and life sciences are applied throughout. Transitional energies, natural multiplicity, helixes and spontaneous biological occurrences all come together, forming imagery with hypotheses beyond the scope of modern technology.

Choi Hansol : Photography

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Choi Hansol lives in S. korea. 

Brandon Wilson: SUMMIT

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Brandon Frank Wilson was raised in Texas, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where he is the Co-founder of WAFA Artist Collective.  SUMMIT is a collection of Carbon and polymer on the pages of Summit magazine.

Adam Hill : Recent Posters

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Adam Hill is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Musician based in Cape Town, South Africa. He juggles his Nights & Days between his two passions — music and design. Here is a selection of new poster designs from the past year. More posters can be found by browsing via the Poster tag.

Portland’s Vintage Neon

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Portland, Oregon’s  past glows on with vintage neon signs.

Soldier – photos by Suzanne Opton.

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“Soldier” – photography by Suzanne Opton.

Firewall / Interactive Installation

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Firewall , an interactive installation by Aaron Sherwood and Mike Allison.  A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire-like visuals and expressively play music.  More information available on the project’s blog. Watch below:

Firewall from Aaron Sherwood on Vimeo.


Photography : Marcel Christ

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Photos by Marcel Christ.

Modern and Minimal Street Art

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Italian street artist and Discosalt collaborator – CT brands himself in a unique way, creating modern, minimalist and effective street art logos.  Check out more of his work in the Discosalt Artist Collective HERE. 

Chromatics : Black & White Art Book

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Chromatics + Desire recently released a 32 page physical art book called  Black & White , which you can download in hi-res here.  The art book is out now and is limited to 100 copies,  so grab one here before they are gone.

10 Amazing Collage Artists

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1. Mowgli Omari  –  At only 20 years old, this Art University student in South East London, has already showcased his complex works at an international solo show in Zurich. His works combine simple geometric shapes with retro images to create very complex, futuristic looking optical illusions.

2. Matt Wisniewski –  A web developer and collage artist based in Brooklyn, NY, Matt creates digital art collages that incorporate both the beauty of the human form and the beauty of nature.

3. Benjamin Evans – A photographer based in Brisbane, Australia who creates collages…sometimes, for his girlfriend.

4. Julien Pacaud -A french illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France, who before becoming an illustrator, studied film-making, was an astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher. He creates surreal sci-fi collages with a narrative atmosphere that are truly unique.

5. Ben Giles – Another young artist from the UK, at just 19, Ben has worked with various styles.

6. Laura Red­burn – A 25-year-old collage (and mixed media) artist currently living in Cardiff, Wales. Color, animals, nature, old films, science fiction, dreams and vivid imagination inspire her. She likes to create snapshots from dreams and other worlds in her work, leaving the viewer to reflect upon their own dreams, imagination and experiences to gather their own meaning from the illustrations.

7. Marco Migani– Known as Inserirefloppino, Italian visual artist Marco Migani was born in Rimini, in 1983. He is also a musician who plays in 3 different bands, besides running an independent record label together with his friends.

8.Jeffrey Meyer – Born in Indiana, currently in the Pacific Northwest, Jeff has created a huge body of work who marries actual illustration and collage.

9.Esh Šehanović – Esh creates mash-up’s of f things found in his environment- virtual or real.

10. Erika Lawlor Schmidt – Born in Lake Forest, Illinois in 1956, Erika Lawlor Schmidt has forged a career as a visual and performing artist whose work is deeply shaped by investigations into Eastern philosophy and Indian mysticism. Her prints and collages draw on a range of influences but still recall one of the founding principles of Surrealism.

City Silhouettes – The Photography of Jasper James

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“City Silhouettes”, photos by Jasper James. Over the past decade Jasper has lived and worked in New York, London and Beijing, covering assignments around the globe for some of the worlds leading magazines, design and advertising clients.

Nebraska, The Good Life : Photo Essay by John Sypal

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“Nebraska, the Good Life”, photos by John Sypal -the blogger behind Tokyo Camera Style.

Slitscanner Giant Time-Lapse Drawing

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9’07 minute time-lapse process recording of a pencil on paper drawing that measures 3,55 x 7,5 meters. The drawing “Slitscanner” was exhibited in 2011 at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum during the exhibition “Snapshots from Slumberland”. The drawing was later acquired by ARoS for their private collection.