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IDOL MAGAZINE Issue 8 ” The Love Issue ” _ Trust Me

Models KIM JEONGWOO @ Elite, MIKAELLA E @ Métropolitan


MENLOOK TRIBUNE Spring Summer 15 Issue _ Cover Editorial






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Milk Gallery Presents : Dog Dance

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BradElterman_MilkGallery_-16 BradElterman_MilkGallery_-4 BradElterman_MilkGallery_-9“You can practically smell the cigarettes and the booze wafting up from a Brad Elterman photograph. Even his recent photos look like they’re from the wild, coked-up ’70s in which he made his mark as a teenage rock ‘n roll photographer who partied with Joan Jett, rolled with The Ramones and occasionally bluffed his way into exclusive Hawaii sail boat shoots with Peter Frampton.

On Wednesday, April 23, Milk Gallery will bring the party to 450 West 15th street with Dog Dance, a collection of Brad’s iconic work that effortlessly captures the gritty glamour of the late ’70s and early ’80s that’s so often imitated today. Brad was friends with everyone who was anyone and those he wasn’t close with, he’d find them at a party and shoot them anyway. Those were the days when rock stars didn’t care about public relations or crafting a brand. When Brad was around, Steve Jones would grab his crotch in an LA apartment building pool shortly after the break up of the Sex Pistols, and Bob Dylan would show off his new friend, some nobody actor named Robert DeNiro.

We didn’t all get to live through the ’70s, but from April 23 through May 18, we can get the next best thing from the man who lived and captured it all.” (Milk Made)

Photography by Brad Elterman

Q + A – Elodie Chapuis

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ART BRUT_Elodie Chapuis BAND OFF SKULLS CACHAREL_Elodie ChapuisAfter a few years modelling, native French photographer Elodie Chapuis reshaped her fashion career from posing in front of the camera to shooting behind it. Currently based in Paris, Elodie splits her time between her two main passions – music and photography . When not contributing to international fashion magazines and designer portfolios, she is shooting live music festival performances and off stage portraits, capturing an intimate collection of images from bands like The Temper Trap, Phoenix and The XX. We caught up with Elodie to learn more about what drives her passion.

MRK BACKSTAGE_Elodie Chapuis

DISCOSALT:  Can you tell us a little about yourself and your photographic background?

ELODIE CHAPUIS: I am native from the French Alps and I grew up in the suburbs of Paris. These are my roots. I don’t refer to any others particular photographic background because I’m self-taught. However, the study of the surrealist movement was a real revelation to me, particularly through the works of André Gide et Jean Cocteau. All of it still influence me today.

WOODS 2_Elodie Chapuis

D: How did you make the career shift from fashion model to getting behind the camera? And at what point did you realize that photography is what you wanted to do as a career?

EC: The transition happened quite naturally. I  was already evolving in the field of fashion for a while both as model and artistic consultant.

I think the photography at first daunted me, although it clearly seems that it would be through the image that I would get the better expression of myself.

It was just a matter of time. I had to feel the moment was right.  I started out taking some test shots for models agency, and I had the chance to be spotted out by brands who ask me to realize their look book & campaign visuals. This spontaneous confidence pushes me to plunge and start it as a career.


D: What is the most important skill for a photographer to have?

EC:  Imagination and in a way the ability to share it with a wider audience.


D:  What camera and lenses do you typically use? How much equipment do you typically bring to a photo-shoot?

EC: I mainly use my canon 5 D mark II, and regarding lenses, I am quite faithful to prime lenses such as 85 & 135mm. For equipment, it depends..when it is a commissioned work, I bring slightly more equipment. When I do personal work and reporting, I love to feel free, so I am very minimalistic and this is a good thing as I love natural light.


D: What makes a great photograph?

EC: A photograph that provides you a true emotion, even if it last only for a very short time.


D: You capture such incredible images in Black and White. Are you drawn to Black and White over color for an any particular reason?

EC:  Thanks. It’s really all very spontaneous. It’s my imagination that tells me color or black & white. For the stage, my eyes very often turn it in black and white as there are too many colors that parasitize the image. In this case, I found in “black and white” some rigour that is important to me.


D: What are some of the challenges of working in Fashion?

EC: In fact, whatever field in which you works, the most beautiful challenge for a photographer will be with himself, I mean to be driven by passion as long as possible.


D: What are some of the challenges working within the music scene?

EC: You don’t plan and prepare the set, you make it yours ! you try create a kind of instantaneous magic with unpredictable elements . I’d say the music scene photography, requires a lot of physical endurance and ability to concentrate. Two abilities that are all equally important sum in fashion!

WOODS 1_Elodie Chapuis

D:  How did [STAGE ME OUT] begin?

 EC: Feet in the mud! For my first music festival I chose the Roskilde festival in Denmark and I was not disappointed! The experience was so rewarding. First, it led me to other festivals, and then to meet the opportunity to share this personal work through exhibitions.


D: What projects are you working on now? Any upcoming projects in New York City?

EC: Various ones right now, I usually follow the flow of things as each day brings new project in some way, and I keep them multiple because I don’t want to lock me up in particular a field.

New York City? I will love to ..people often generate projects, who knows? Perhaps you’ll see me there pretty soon!





New Prints : 43 Magazine

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43 Magazine just added select prints from the 43 issue 003 gallery shows to theironline store, including prints of jahmal williams, bobby puleo, koki loaiza, connor kammerer, and yonnie cruz. Have a look here:

Portland’s Vintage Neon

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Portland, Oregon’s  past glows on with vintage neon signs.

City Silhouettes – The Photography of Jasper James

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“City Silhouettes”, photos by Jasper James. Over the past decade Jasper has lived and worked in New York, London and Beijing, covering assignments around the globe for some of the worlds leading magazines, design and advertising clients.

Nebraska, The Good Life : Photo Essay by John Sypal

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“Nebraska, the Good Life”, photos by John Sypal -the blogger behind Tokyo Camera Style.

Text works by Lee Jung

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Text works by Lee Jung.

Light Photography by Robert Canali

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Photos by Toronto based photographer  Robert Canali. 

Double Exposure – Vintage Photos + Nude Models

Photographer Davis Ayer can’t get enough analogue.  He shoots most of his projects on film and his photo essay series called Time Travel, combines two forms of film photography: vintage photographs of cityscapes and forests projected on nude models. The arcs of bridges and trunks of ferns hug the hip lines of partially lit girls. Autumnal foliage wraps around the curved back of a model, warping and blurring, as if frozen mid a caressing motion. Scratches dotting the film become indistinguishable from beauty marks. It all seems quite effortless and light.

[nggallery id=137]

Doug Aitken’s installation – Black Mirror Featuring Chloe Sevigny

LA based artist Doug Aitken is most known for his innovative fine art installations but not limited. In 2007, Aitken’s “Sleepwalkers” exhibition at MoMA was able to transform a whole city block into an expansive cinematic experience. His work, which utilizes a wide array of media and artistic techniques, ranging from photography, sculpture, film, and  sound can be seen on display in London, in a new solo exhibition in London taking over both floors of Victoria Miro. The exhibition  includes a specially reconfigured presentation of his acclaimed multi-channel film installation Black Mirror, alongside new wall-and floor-based sculptures and light box works.  Check out more HERE.

In the upper gallery Aitken’s film installation Black Mirror explores the story of a nomadic individual, set in a modern wilderness: a geography constructed of calls, electronic messages, and virtual documents superimposed over the physical world. It is a portrait of people who are the products of a society that has lost track of information and is saturated with change. The characters move in shorthand, they communicate in quick pulses, they travel long distances for short meetings. They depart quickly. The protagonist, a young woman played by American star Chloë Sevigny, exists in the borderless world of Black Mirror where people live fast lives in the shadows. These are the people you pass and don’t identify at the airport terminal, the hotel lobby and the car rental kiosk. Black Mirror explores modern life accelerated. Like a river of light moving on the highway, we’re all on this road, but this is the story of those for whom the road is existence; those who don’t step back to breathe the air, those who never stagnate or stop… this is “the now.” (

Backstage Photo Pass with Elodie Chapuis

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Meet Elodie Chapuis, the newest member of the discosalt Artist Collective.  Since she began photography in 2006,  Elodie has contributed her music and fashion photography to a slew of culture magazines and fashion projects.  In 2007, she spent 4 days covering the Roskilde Festival in Denmark; the first step towards a personal artistic project to photograph live performances and off stage portraits.  Elodie’s work in music, has lead her to several solo and collective exhibitions and she is constantly looking for new upcoming artists and bands to photograph. Some of her work includes The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, The Drums, Razorlight, Florence & The Machine, The XX, Iggy & The Stooges, Cold War Kids,  PJ Harvey, The Strokes among others. For updates, check back soon to find more of Elodie’s work in the collective here.

Support Photography and Skateboarding when you buy 43 Magazine

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Magazines play an essential role in skateboarding’s heritage, documenting the culture. 43 is a free, independent, non profit, bimonthly skateboard magazine, with a clean art book feel, dedicated to quality, photography and arts devoted to the unfiltered portrait of real skateboarding. The magazine has been in development for well over a year now with New York City skateboard photographer Allen Ying carefully building it thoughtfully from the ground up, questioning every detail to result in a magazine that is as inspiring as the skateboarding featured in it.

If you like this project, head over to kickstarter to give some support. Funding is still needed to cover the paper, printing, distribution, and contributors. with your support, this will be a special 1st issue with minimal or no advertising. moving forward, we will fund future issues with advertisements on no more than 38% of the magazine’s pages.


Featured Photography Portfolio: Yusuf Sevincli

Meet Discosalt Artists Yusuf Sevincli. Born in Zonguldak, Turkey in 1980, Yusuf graduated from the Communication Faculty at Marmara University in Istanbul in 2002 and gained experience as a photographer for various newspapers and magazines between 2000 and 2004. In 2004, he completed a masterclass on documentary photography in Nordens Fotoskola, Sweden and now lives and works in Istanbul. Check out more of his work HERE.

Featured Photography Portfolio: Ana Cabaleiro

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We are excited to welcome Ana Cabaleiro as a new member of  the Discosalt Artist Collective this month!

Escape the city, to a washed out world of  never ending sunny days, clean air and overwhelming natural beauty. In these spaces there are things to smell other than car-exhaust and there are textures to feel other than concrete or brick. Being there, photographing these types of areas simultaneously engages all of Ana’s sense in a pleasurable way, something that happens infrequently in the crowded and noisy urban environment.

Check out more of Ana’s work HERE.