The Black Angels: Directions To See A Ghost

The Black Angels: Directions to See a Ghost

Label: Light In the Attic

Release Date: May 13, 2008

Most people know this Texas band from their first EP and full length albums on the well known Austin label Light In The Attic. I will never forget the first time I saw these guys play, mainly because I imagined that seeing Big Brother and The Holding Company back in the 60’s was probably a similar vibe. Uber psychedelic, fuzzed out guitar with projected images all over the room. Very cool show. Their new album “Directions To See A Ghost” is definitely not much of a departure from their previous work. But I will say this; the album is almost worth buying for the artwork alone: a rare thing these days when physical CD’s are thought of as disposable at best and a pain in the ass at worst. There is no doubt that if you like getting stoned vand nailing hippie chicks that don’t shower this album will appeal to you. Everything about it is about mood and tone as opposed to hooks and structure. It’s a true 60’s throw back to the point that giving a real track by track breakdown is almost pointless. You really need an evening to drop yourself in to the most comfortable part of your couch or bed to really enjoy this album for all it is worth. If you are a fan of true blues, psychedelic rock this album and a shower should definitely be in your future.

Anderson van Luftsworth

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