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I first came across Jap Pop Art last year at the Holiday Fair in Union Square where a “David Bowie/Rebel Rebel print”, caught my eye as the perfect gift for my girlfriend at the time; a huge Bowie buff.  And well, hopefully, somewhere, i like to think she is still enjoying it, remembering  better times, and hasn’t ripped it up for the way things ended. The artist behind this print (which for sentimental reasons, i still find his best) as well as a slew of others, is Zane Fix. He has been a fixture on the Art Scene in New York for several years. His unique blend of Eastern Style and technique, with Western sensibility can be seen on the streets as Fashion-Wear, and on the walls of homes and businesses all over the world. His work conjures up the spirits of 17th and 18th Century Geisha, Kabuki Actors and Samurai, blended with his own 20th Century Rock Star, high fashion energy.  Zane’s work mends the bridge between Eastern and Western pop art. Now if only his prints could mend burnt bridges.

You can email stellazane@earthlink.net for information on a (by appointment only) gallery show at their Chelsea space on July 27th, 2010 @ 7pm.

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