Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours

Label: Modular Interscope

Release Date: April 8, 2008

This album is the epitome of what I needed to start summer. Fully loaded with catchy dance hits, Cut Copy has really outdone themselves this time. Every track on this album is whipped lightly, and prepped perfectly for the French pop sound they are frequently accused of imitating. I disagree with comparison because it implies a simplicity and lack of depth to the music, which is simply not present in this album. The lyrics are catchy, and the beats are fresh. Although their sound is similar from song to song, each song has something different to offer, namely, emotion. This is the most emotive electro pop I can remember hearing, and it shows through in their dynamic live performances. There are some standout tracks from “Lights and Music” which recalls the glory days of the 80’s club era to “Hearts on Fire” which brings back memories of Madonna and slumber parties. If you are a person who even vaguely likes pop, the subdued fun in this album will speak to your inner dance-self.

<3 The Elephant

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