Q + A with Bury Me a Lion by Discosalt

DISCOSALT:  With influences ranging from Patsy Cline to Depeche Mode do you ever find it difficult to express the both sides of the spectrum of music they encompass?

BURY ME A LION: As a band, our goal has always been to create a sound that’s uniquely Bury Me A Lion. The fact that we have such diverse influences, ranging from seminal rock acts in the vein of The Strokes and Smiths, all the way to Hank Williams Sr. and Greek Laika, has helped us approach our writing with a very well rounded outlook. Certain pieces of our influences affect the writing process, but we never feel any pressure to directly emulate one sound or another. Many bands try and directly emulate a certain sound or look that’s proven to be successful. We’re trying to break that mold and approach each element and moment of our songwriting without being clouded by sonic goals.

D: You’ve been gaining a great deal of attention since the release of your newest album, “Year of the Lion,” in April from the CBGB Festival to Catapla, to what do you attest this recent upsurge and what has been going through you minds as everything has been happening?

BMAL: This year has been amazing for us, and we can really attest the upswing to a strong, vibrant work attitude on both the creative and business ends. Our goal from the inception of Bury Me A Lion has always been to have our music reach a large audience. This goal isn’t fueled by delusions of fame or wealth. It’s fueled by an artistic mindset. Simply, we believe that we have songs people can really fall in love with, and we’re happy that more and more people are getting the chance.

D: Being that you guys met online, was it difficult to try to find a vision and sound for the band that everyone could agree upon? 

BMAL: We all had varying degrees of experience playing in bands prior to Bury Me A Lion. During those early years, playing music with others is more about learning how to play organized music around a certain sound – grunge, alt rock, yacht rock, etc. We’ve matured through those experiences and just happened to be at the same level, with the same goals at the same time. Together, we have created in Bury Me A Lion a unique, cohesive sound born of very different influences. Truthfully, finding a vision and sound has largely been organic. We just gel together.

D: Catalpa seems like such a natural choice for you guys, seeing as both you and the festival are both so diverse musically, what do you hope to take from the festival and give it in return?

BMAL: Catalpa NYC is an amazing opportunity for the band to gain exposure for our music. We are thankful that the minds at Frisky thought to organize something as grand and unique as Catalpa – and to put it into the cultural center of the world. But we are also thankful that Frisky saw our music as an integral part of a program and festival that is both international and local to NYC. We feel the same way. We plan to go out there Sunday afternoon and give the audience something that will energize them and inspire them.

D: What are your plans after the festival and for the rest of the summer?

BMAL: At this juncture, we’re exploring a number of options for our summer post-Catalpa. The response from the festival will definitely dictate our path. Touring is a strong possibility, and we just might head back in the studio and record another EP before we hit the road. One thing is certain – you’ll definitely be seeing more of Bury Me A Lion.

D: What was the inspiration of “Year of the Lion”?

BMAL: Tangibly, ‘Year of the Lion’ is a landmark representing all the hard work put into creating our music and to everyone who has supported us from the beginning. Thematically, the album explores the structure and melody of “self” in classic topics of love, war, challenge, hope. Where is “selfness” more about strength? Where is it more about resiliency, selfishness, presence, etc? “Bury Me A Lion” implies dignity and timeliness – ‘Year of the Lion’ is both a call to arms and a playful jab at those concepts of “self” that we value.

Don’t Miss the Band at this years Catalpa Festival in NYC.  Click here for details.