Q + A with Mark Mothersbaugh by Cory Greenwell 

Selected as an official honoree by the 12th annual Webby Awards, FakeMustaches.org’s mission is to have a Fake Moustache in every home by 2014. A target which may actually be more achievable than the United Nations millennium goals. Why you may ask? Who cares? Just get out there and pick up a fake stache, then submit your pictures to the site.

FakeMustaches.org features a different user-submitted picture of somebody wearing a fake moustache everyday and clicking the pictures will randomly select two images of people wearing disguises from their large repository of user submitted photos. So click away and Enjoy! Even Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO is on board! Discosalt contributing writer Cory Greenwell from Backseatsandbar and Patrick Yen caught up with Mark Mothersbaugh rocking a fake stache at the 2010 Forecastle Festival to discuss Eskimo clog dancing hula death metal and why this is the best time to be involved in music .