New Track – CW Stoneking : The Thing I Done

Classic electric chicken grease somewhere between Ray Charles & Tom Waits from eccentric Australian bluesman CW Stoneking.

Hailing from Australia’s remote Northern Territory, Stoneking grew up listening to gospel, ragtime and Chicago blues, citing American musicians including Son House, Robert Johnson, Skip James and Bukka White among his earliest influences. “When I first heard it I thought it was kinda funny music,” Stoneking explains, “because it was so deconstructed and not really adhering to any rules that I’d been told music [should] fit into.” .”Hearing Stoneking perform live is, somehow, like listening to an old ‘78 recovered from a dusty attic in New Orleans.”-The Guardian

CMJ Band Radar – Acid Dad


Good Room
Tue, October 13, 10:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Our Wicked Lady
Thu, October 15, 6:00 PM – 6:30 PM
The Wick
Fri, October 16, 2:00 AM – 2:30 AM

Acid Dad is a psych-punk band from NYC consisting of Dany Gomez, Vaughn Hunt, Kevin Walker, and Noah Kohll. (CMJ)


CMJ Band Radar – Fraser A. Gormon


Rockwood Stage 2
Tue, October 13, 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM
Mercury Lounge
Thu, October 15, 9:00 PM – 9:45 PM
The Wick
Fri, October 16, 7:45 PM – 8:15 PM
The Delancey
Sat, October 17, 7:20 PM – 7:45 PM

After playing a flawless series of shows at SXSW and The Great Escape 2015, he’s now NME approved, hotly tipped by BBC’s Radio 6 and Radio 1 and signed to an international label deal with Marathon Artists who have just released his acclaimed debut album “Slow Gum”. (CMJ)

CMJ Band Radar – Native Harrow


C’mon Everybody
Tue, October 13, 6:15 PM > 7:00 PM
Rock Shop
Sat, October 17, 8:15 PM > 8:45 PM

“Native Harrow combine the purity of Folk and the DIY of Indie that gives the words and music a determined presence within the dreamlike space of the songs” – The Alternate Root. (CMJ)

CMJ Band Radar – Coke Weed


Elvis Guesthouse
Tue, October 13, 6:00 PM

Coke Weed is a rock quintet formed in Bar Harbor, Maine in 2010. Having tackled acid-drenched folk-rock and revved-up indie on their first three full-lengths, Coke Weed shift their focus to the 70s on new album Mary Weaver. Namely the seminal art-rock of Bowie, Eno and Ferry. (CMJ)

CMJ Band Radar – Caged Animals


Arlene’s Grocery
Tue, October 13, 3:20 PM – 3:50 PM
Cake Shop
Tue, October 13, 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM

Caged Animals is the alias for Brooklyn-based songwriter Vincent Cacchione’s pop-leaning and spiritual songs. Brought to life by a band featuring his wife, Magali, sister, Talya, and friend Patrick Curry, the band has transformed it’s originally homemade recordings into transcendent, living moments on stage. (CMJ)

CMJ Band Radar – Diet Cig

Alex Luciano (guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums), New Paltz, NYs Diet Cig made big statement out of a handful of highly infectious pop songs. While recalling the sound of speedy twee-pop groups like Tiger Trap and All Girl Summer Fun Band, the band explores “the innocence of adolescence and infatuation.” (CMJ)


Cake Shop
Wed, October 14, 5:15 PM > 5:45 PM
Cake Shop
Thu, October 15, 8:00 PM
Fri, October 16, 10:00 PM > 10:30 PM
Pete’s Candy Store
Sat, October 17, 6:15 PM > 6:45 PM
Knitting Factory
Sat, October 17, 1:00 AM > 1:45 AM


CMJ Band Radar – Bent Denim

Bent Denim builds beautiful, narrative-driven songs by swapping tracks over email between their respective home bases of Nashville, New Orleans, and New York. Their debut album “Romances You” is out now. (CMJ)


Pine Box Rock Shop
Thu, October 15, 6:00 PM > 6:45 PM

Night School in Session with Neon Indian

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Neon Indian at Webster Hall on October 14, 2015. CMJ. Microsoft

Last night, electronic music band Neon Indian debuted their tech-powered live performance at Webster Hall, as part of the CMJ Music Marathon.

The act, which explores new realms of live performance, was developed with Microsoft Kinect technology and provided the audience an immersive visual experience like no other. The band’s set list came to life through visuals created in real time, using five Kinect sensors that captured each band member, reacting to the music and movements happening live on stage. The results were an explosive light and color show, complementing the band’s diverse electric sound; in line with their experimental approach to new media.

The performance kicked off Neon Indian’s tour this fall in support of their new album VEGA INTL. Night School, which launches tomorrow, October 16th. Microsoft has built a custom PC for the band to take on the road to run their live show, and as part of the collaboration a performance tool-kit will be released following CMJ, allowing artists, media artists, and event producers access to the project blueprints used to produce the show.

For more information on the collaboration go to


Neon Indian at Webster Hall on October 14, 2015. CMJ. Microsoft Neon Indian at Webster Hall on October 14, 2015. CMJ. Microsoft Neon Indian at Webster Hall on October 14, 2015. CMJ. MicrosoftNeon Indian at Webster Hall on October 14, 2015. CMJ. Microsoft


(Photo: Drew Reynolds)

CMJ Band Radar – Mainland



Tue, October 13, 10:45 PM > 11:15 PM

Ecstasy and sorrow, post-punk and pop, east and west – all those times when youre caught in the middle, theres Mainland. They are the soundtrack to moments of freedom and darkness. (CMJ)

CMJ Band Radar – Dashel Hammerstein


Bowery Electric (Map Room)
Tue, October 13, 9:30 PM

Carpenter by day & songwriter by night, Hammerstein makes late night tunes, with swirling sound led by antique keys and Hammersteins suavely wry vocals. An unlikely combination, sort of like putting the Silver Jews into a bar with Wings and The Violent Femmes & admiring what drunken mess you’ve caused. (CMJ)


CMJ Band Radar – Ex Hex


Fri, October 16, 8:30 PM

CMJ Band Radar – Car Seat Headrest

Car Seat Headrest began in 2010 as a solo project of Will Toledo. Since then, he has released 11 albums under the CSH name, to increasing interest and acclaim. After a year working in Seattle with a drummer and bassist, CSH is planning their first national tour this year. (CMJ)


Wed, October 14, 1:45 PM > 2:15 PM
Santos Party House (Basement)
Wed, October 14, 9:00 PM > 9:30 PM
Rough Trade
Fri, October 16, 7:30 PM


CMJ Band Radar – Michael Rault

MR is a singer, guitarist and songwriter fronting his own eponymously named band. An era-defying mischievousness defines his synthesis of jukebox RnB, and acid psych as refracted through the experience of an adolescence spent idolizing the craftsmanship of the Beatles and the wiggy textures of Dr. John in equal measure. (CMJ)


Thu, October 15, 4:45 PM > 5:15 PM
Thu, October 15, 8:00 PM
Baby’s All Right
Fri, October 16, 8:00 PM
Fulton Stall Market
Sat, October 17, 2:45 PM > 3:15 PM
Sat, October 17, 10:45 PM > 11:15 PM


CMJ BAnd Radar – Cosmo Sheldrake

Cosmo Sheldrake, is a 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from London. He attracted hype from the blogosphere after the release of his debut single in April 2014, and his debut EP in March 2015. He has toured with Sylvan Esso, Bombay Bicycle Club, Songhoy Blues and more. (CMJ)


Tue, October 13, 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Wed, October 14, 8:45 PM – 9:15 PM
Living Room
Fri, October 16, 1:45 AM – 2:45 AM


CMJ Band Radar – Dent May

Mississippi native Dent May writes, performs, and produces homemade pop music from his home base in Los Angeles. A stylistic chameleon, Dent’s recordings echo folk, disco, R&B, psychedelia, country-western, soul, and funk sounds of the past, present, and future. (CMJ)


The Wick
Fri, October 16, 8:30 PM – 9:15 PM


CMJ Band Radar – Nuns

Nuns is beautiful, swirling power. Its getting loston purposein a thick haze of buzzing, chiming, drifting guitars, then following a distant voice to find your way home. Songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Hank Hanewinkel III is the heart and soul of Nuns. His debut, Opportunities,is equal parts dreamscape, break-up conversation, and pure electric catharsis.(CMJ)


Bowery Electric
Sat, October 17, 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM