Video – Nite Jewel : Memory, Man

Nite Jewel has a new video for her song “Memory, Man” directed by Angus Borsos of Helium Castle Pictures. The gorgeous and enigmatic video takes the viewer through an Michel Gondry-esque dreamscape. Borsos’ cinematography and creative composition evoke the feeling of being inside someone’s memory.
Borsos offers this director’s statement:
Hypnotized by a blue sky — dark blue started to drip down my spine and I started to dream things up behind the front of my eyes. Leading up to working with Ramona I felt that most of the images I was being exposed to were lacking an undercurrent — that I was lacking an undercurrent, that images were being carefully placed as opposed to being carefully grown. Tunnelling with the song I started to see the video as a trunk of rich still life paintings — Ramona as a living statue on a stage, looking through the many dimensions of her memory; no reality. I hoped that it would read like a timeless old book of her past (or yours) that she (or you) can’t quite place — but somehow managed to record in startlingly high resolution — proof that it’s there (for now), and that memory is camouflage.Β 

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