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1986 marked a monumental year in the art of freestyle bike dancing on film. Neither bike dancing, the cinema, nor I would ever be the same again. Preview two of Discosalt’s favorite bike dancing films below:

Quicksilver (1986):

For Jack Casey, winning is a feeling you never lose… and neither is the feeling you get after watching grade-A Bacon bike dance moves like the ones featured in the biking tour de force Quicksilver. Bacon may have traded his three-piece suit for a ten-speed and the streets but he never barters on performance value. Life in the fast lane just became a way of life.

Rad (1986):

It was going to take a lot more than skill for Cru Jones to conquer the toughest BMX challenge in the world. It was going to take a miracle… and by miracle, I mean, bike dancing. Rad, the Lori Loughlin (Full House’s Aunt Becky)vehicle turned BMX cult classic features one of the most exhilarating and infamous 7:43 minutes of freestyle High School bike dance scenes on film…and maybe the only.