Pam Glew’s forthcoming show features icons from the Roaring 20s, from silent movies to the golden age of cinema. The next generation post-urban pop artist uses her signature style of dyeing and bleaching vintage materials to create poignant portraits of the beautiful and the damned.

‘Beautiful and Damned’, the shows title, is of course taken from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1922 novel, which explores the listless lives of moneyed society during the Jazz Age. This captivating era, drenched in glamour yet tinged with tragedy is the decadent setting for this extraordinary series of work.  The exquisitely beautiful movie starlets, society icons and characters on display capture the spirit of the age all who are caught in the unforgiving glare of the limelight and some sadly burn out before their time. As Pam states, “the tragedy amongst the beauty is what has inspired this show, the sharp contrast between a blessed life and one that ends in scandal, hedonism or destitution”.

For this latest series, the artist uses found materials from the same period. This is the first time she has incorporated antiques into her work. Each piece is deconstructed, dyed, and repeatedly bleached until a portrait emerges from the cloth. Rather than add pigment, Glew takes away the pigments in layers, creating ghostly figures, which appear almost woven into the cloth. This technique, mastered by the artist, can also be seen in the ‘Flag’ series and ‘Circus’ series, these prolific luminaries’ faded portraits are not only responsive to the vulnerability of the characters but are also loaded with connotations of the fragility of all human life and the transcendent nature of all our lives. However, in this new body of work Glew explores colour and pattern as a contemporary re-invention of found materials. The vintage materials and antique techniques used, such as crewelwork, further highlight and bring to the surface the precious and tenuous lives of the characters featured.

Household names of the time feature in this ever so evocative exhibition, such as world famous vaudeville performer Josephine Baker, sultry screen goddess Marlene Dietrich and the pioneering aviators of the time Amelia Earhart the first female pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic, who went missing attempting to fly around the world and Charles ’Lucky Lindy’ Lindberg, whose child was notoriously kidnapped and murdered in the ‘Crime of the century’. These highly iconic figures, each with their own personal distressing life stories, represent the true spirit of the age.

Glew acknowledges the influence of some of the great Pop artists like Johns and Warhol while we also see a nod to women’s installation art and post-modern film theory allowing her to comment on contemporary society in a more poetic and subtle way than we usually see in the urban scene.  Her gentle and feminine approach to a sensitive subject matter could be the reason why she has been picked up by the likes of the actress of the moment

– Gemma Arterton.




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Discosalt recently caught up with cult icon/flag obsessed UK based urban artist Pam Glew, to discuss her new show “Circus”, the glitter of celebrity, the joy of old cinema, future fashion collaborations and the cherry on the cake.

DS: You use some amazing portraits in your work. Where do they come from and how do you select images that inspire you?

PG:  I watch a lot of old movies, and as a result some of the images stem from screen stills of films, I take about 200 photos from a film and then deconstruct the image in Photoshop, I might morph a few photographs morphed together,  I do a lot digitally to the images before I start painting. I choose faces that seem to have a kind of beauty that’s also slightly painful; like Micheal Jackson as a youngster, Hunter S Thompson, and Edie Sedgewick, they all have a certain pain that balances out their success; slightly tortured souls.

DS: Where did the idea of calling the show “circus” come from?

PG: I’m interested in the idea of all kinds of performers. I think of ‘show business’ as abit like a kind of travelling circus; artists, musicians, actresses, writers all having some kind of dark side. I worked in theatre for a few years, it was quite rustic and not very glitzy. I’ve always been drawn to the chaos of backstage, and the Terry Gilliam-esque eclectic montage of costumes, props and ephemera. I think its fairly important in this celebrity obsessed world to get a grip and realise that people are just people, and there is always a possibility of tragedy in the most glittering lifestyle.

DS: Your work mashes two things we seem to worship here in the US: the flag and celebrities. Are you consciously raising celebrity to a higher status or bringing the notion of patriotism to a superficial level?

PG: I think we salute flags like we salute celebrity, I’m not raising them, but am interested in how we look up to individuals that have achieved something. Its hard graft that gets recognised a lot of the time, especially when we look at authors, painters, performers that work on a stage, a platform. People like to think of performers as having very glamourous lives but I’m sure it has its flip side. So I painted Twiggy, Françoise Dorléac and Kate Moss with the idea of the Pierrot clown, with a certain kind of beautiful melancholy in their eyes.

DS: There is an element of film noir in your work. Do you have a favorite?

PG: I love Double Indemnity, and the scripts back then were awesome, so well written, witty and each line is so well crafted. For the ‘Circus’ show I watched a lot of films from the 1960s though; and loved ‘A Dandy in Aspic’, the painting called ‘Wonderwheel’ is loosely based on Mia Farrow in that film, I still have no idea what happened in that film, but that’s half the joy of cinema, being left confused and slightly unsettled.

DS: What projects would you like to work on in the near future?

PG: More shows! I also really enjoyed the Ralph Lauren commission this year (I made the first ‘art star’ for Polo Jeans & then they have commissioned over 40 more artists from all over Europe & Middle East. That was interesting as I realised there actually is quite a lot of freedom in working to a brief and it makes you approach your work in a new way. It was challenging in a very healthy way. So more things that can make me look at the work in a new and interesting way. Fashion collaborations or furniture & interiors would be a great direction to get my teeth into. Looking at fabric and cloth in new ways that promote innovation.

DS: Any plans in the works for a solo show across the great pond in New York?

PG: Funnily enough, yes, there are possibilities of a show in NYC. I would LOVE to show there, that would be the cherry on the cake.

Continue Reading the full article > Download the Fall 2011Issue of DISCOSALT MAGAZINE

You can also watch a great interview with Pam from below:


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Polo Jeans Co. is presenting a showcase of work from 50 of Europe’s most recognized up and coming contemporary artists called ART STARS. Inspired by the iconic American Star Spangled Banner and synonymous with the Polo Jeans Co. brand, the artists will create 3D pieces on stars made from the finest American denim. These will be displayed in select Polo Jeans Co. stores in key cities across Europe, before coming together in a public exhibition in London in late 2010. We were really excited to learn that Discosalt artist Pam Glew was selected as one of the featured artists! We love Pam’s work which you can check out more of right HERE or browse the last of her spray paint on horror fiction prints available in the Discosalt MERCH section. These move fast, so grab it!

Need more Pam? We’ve got you covered. CLICK HERE

Watch the Pam Glew spotlight below:


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It might be hard to hold a candle this month, but easy to get a hold of some new art from Pam Glew.  Both a month of gathering together to gorge and a time of sowing and scattering abroad, Pam Glew is helping you out on both fronts, spreading her signature flags throughout London and Paris and giving you the perfect opportunity to come together, and stuff your face with a new piece at one of these great gallery shows this month. So slide over the mashed potatoes and leave room for some Pam.

First up, Pam Glew will showing alongside Nick Walker, Goldie, Mau Mau, Eelus, Beejoir & Jamie Reid at the uber hip The Lock Up London from 20 Nov – 10 Dec. The show will feature 3 new flag works (including Looking Glass above)


Next up, Art Mosh in gay Pari’ will be showing 3 new handmade ‘French flags’ alongside Herakut & Faith 47, starting 16 Nov at 7pm.  Check out: Art Mosh Paris, Doors Studios for more details.

Still looking to get your paws on one of Pam’s flags? Drop by the UK Art Fairs where Liberty Gallery will have 3 new originals including Aoki. You can also purchase prints from 13-15 Nov at  Northern Art Harrogate with Liberty Gallery Stand 21 at the Harrogate International Centre and then from 20-22 Nov at the Edinburgh Art Fair with Liberty Gallery Stand E8, Edinburgh Corn Exchange. For more e-tickets, and invitations for Northern Art & Edinburgh please contact

Nothing lasts forever…so make sure you jump on one of these opportunities to see Pam’s work before it’s too late or at least let Axle convince you.


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Pam Glew might be one of the hardest working artists we know. She is consistently churning out one amazing piece after the next and her latest work: “Wonderland” is the latest edition to her family of flags that will be featured at AAF London in Battersea Park. Here is what Pam has to say this month: “October means many things to many people; the return of the roast dinner, colder nights, zombie costumes, x-factor…but most importantly its Art Fair season…I will once again be showing with Art-file Gallery and have given them some of my best work yet…”

In keeping with the spirit of October, check out some of Pam’s spray paint on horror fiction prints for sale in the discosalt MERCH section. (more to come…so check back soon)

AAF London – art-file stand i8

Thursday 22 Oct 11.00am – 5.30pm
Drinks Reception 5.30 – 9.30pm

Friday 23 Oct 11.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 24 Oct 11.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 25 Oct 11.00am – 6.00pm


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There’s Still Life is an International exhibition taking place at Art London in October and Scope Miami in December that will feature Discosalt artist Pam Glew. A select group of contemporary artists from the US and Europe have been given a simple brief – to take the traditional discipline of Still Life and produce contemporary paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Pam  used the ‘hybrid tea rose’ flower as a starting point and has created 2 handmade ‘hybrid’ flags, part american flag, part Union Jack. The cross -fertilisation of the flags echo this idea of a flower being a hybrid.

British Rose is a handmade Union Jack, made from a vintage American flag and vintage denim with a blooming rose, Hybrid Rose is part British Ensign, part American flag, made from a very old Ensign Flag, denim, red stripes from a vintage American flag and embroidered linens for a nod to English Tea. Using my dyeing and bleaching technique, the Hybrid Rose is particularly distressed with drips of bleach giving off a naughty decadence.

You can preview the works in a show on Saturday 19th September in the Bath Gallery.
Mauger Modern Art, Bath
6 Bartlett Street
Bath, UK BA1 2QZ
g: 0044 (0)1225 315 110
m: 0044 (0)7590 527 332
Saturday 19th September



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Discosalt artist Pam Glew has some really sweet new prints for sale.

Candy Pop Antichrist (left) is based loosely on Lily Allen, named Antirchrist because of the inverted union jack has been turned into a kind of upside-down cross.

Saint (right) is also based on a Lily, this one is Lily Cole, the one with the angel face and a saintly look about her, I think the Pre-reaphealites would have loved Lily Cole. The original flags were made from American Flags, turned into Union Jacks with many pairs of denim jeans (the rivets and pockets are still visible). The images are painted with blecah freehand to make these new deconstructed cameo portraits.

Check out more of Pams work at her upcoming “A Mirror Distorted” show at Carmichael Gallery in LA

6-27 August.

Carmichael Gallery,

Hollywood, USA


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Pam Glew is a contemporary British artist who uses a distinctive variety of media to produce modern paintings and is a member of the Discosalt Art Collective. Manipulating images of female icons in horror films in the current ‘Fear series’, she plays with our notion of paranoia, attraction and the American Dream. The portraits often portray vacuous beauty, within a compellingly seductive image. Her addiction to obscure horror films, dissecting images of women and her attraction to being scared has fuelled this extensive series of work. She frequently uses materials that have inherent history; vintage American flags, aged metal and antiqued books are used as a canvas and treated with ink, bleach, stitch, ammonia and spray-paint to achieve an aesthetic which pays homage to both street art and confessional art.

Fine art and street art enthusiasts have embraced Pam Glew’s work; she has exhibited in the UK and USA in over 50 national shows and regularly shows at Affordable Art Fair London. She works from her studio in Brighton, UK and her works feature in collections in Europe, USA, Canada and USSR.


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The Show features new work based on film noir; femme fatales, innocents and sinners. Expect to see vintage American flags, brocade and a very special antique coronation flag of Agness Deyn.

Discosalt artist Pam Glew will be releasing two tiny screenprint editions of 10, made with the the magic bleaching technique on vintage 49 star flags. “Bitter sweet” and “Beautiful Nightmare” are like originals, but pocket sized. Pam is also launching a new line of black tote bags with an image of Marlene Dietrich. The bags are Fairtrade in a limited edition of 200.


For guest lilst & press enquries please contact
For buyers enquiries please email


Stella Dore: 47 Rivington Street, London (Old Street Tube, Exit 3)


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Smells good…

Pam Glew joins Stella Dore’s cosy stable of artists this month. No, not the cookies…thats Stella “Doro” silly. Even better than those swiss fudge treats, this is Dore…say it with me… Dor-E…and add the accent, make it sound French if you want.

Stella Dore are about to open their new super-cool permanent gallery space in Rivington Street, London and are celebrating the launch with a group show ‘Make Over’. They showcase artists like: Eine, Pure Evil, Cept, Modern Toss, Cat Johnson, Chu, Eelus, I-Lib, Shok 1, Kid Acne, Rugman, Tinsel Edwards, Twinkle Troughton and now Discosalts very own Pam Glew ( Remember these…there will be a quiz later.

The show opens on Thursday 27th November 2008 with DJ’s, drinks, the whole shebang so keep this all important night free, it’s going kick off this year’s Christmas celebrations.

Stella Dore

47 Rivington Street, London (Old Street Tube, exit 3)


Thursday 27th Nov 6-9 pm

PLEASE EMAIL : to attend the Private View & for buyers enquirie


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For more info on Pam Glew and her work, Check out Discosalt Artist Section: http://www.discosalt/artists/pamglew

or for purchasing Pam’s work check out the Discosalt Merch section under “Art”: http://www.discosalt/merch


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This year at AAF London, Discosalt artist, Pam Glew, will be showing 4 new flag works with Art-file and a very new screen print will be launched titled ‘Shock Awakening’ with Artizan Editions.

The Fair is open Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 October, Battersea Park, London,

Opening Times

Wednesday 22   Private View 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Thursday 23       11.00am – 5.30pm
Drinks Reception 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Friday 24            11.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 25        11.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday 26          11.00am – 6.00pm

Artizan Editions can be found here:

Art-file can be found here:

If you would like FREE tickets (usually £25) for the preview evening on Wednesday 22nd or drinks reception Thursday 23rd October, please contact : asap

For more info and how to get there, please visit:


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Graffle have just released a new Pam Glew screen print ‘Window to the World’
Paper Size: 105cm x 70.5cm
Ink image area: 73cm x 51cm
Edition: 30
Signed & Dated bottom right
Titled & numbered bottom left
Published: 2008
Price: £150

Measuring 105cm (1 metre) x 70.5 cm (it is the exact same size paper as the Crime Scene print). Its a 2 colour signed and numbered edition of 30.

It is available exclusively from the Graffle website:


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Pam Glew

Pam Glew

Graffle, a charity raffle of urban/street/graffiti art with ALL the money raised being donated to three children’s charities, is auctioning off “Daughter“, a large bleach on brocade piece by Discosalt artist Pam Glew. The auction is only until 13th September 2008 at 12:00am (24 hr clock GMT)

Graffle has an amazing list of highly sought after artists and each has donated an original piece of artwork, which you can win with a ticket costing just £10. To place a bid go to <>

Pam also continues showcasing her work at The Foundry show until this Sunday 7th- Old street tube, Great eastern street and The Brick Lane Gallery show until this Monday 8th– Brick Lane, London.

Also check out Pams new website!


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What: I feel In Love with a Video Nasty: Pam Glew Solo Show

Where: Fairtrade Gallery

When: Friday May 2nd- May 25th Fri, Sat, Sun 11 am-6pm