Emerging from the creative cocoon that has enveloped them since wrapping up promotional efforts for their 2007 Grammy-nominated debut, Xavier de RosnayGaspard Augé, the influential Parisian duo known as Justice, have announced the impending release of their second album Audio, Video, Disco. Straying even further from their dance music roots, the new effort is at once looser and heavier than previous releases, using the combined musical vocabulary of rock and electronic to conjure a laidback, agricultural effort existing on the outer fringes of pop.

Audio, Video, Disco was created in the duo’s home studio, with all instrumentation performed by the group themselves. Seeking to create an album that would evoke the feel of progressive rock, the duo labored meticulously to learn instruments they had not previously conqueredto craft an epic masterpiece that exchanges the “night in the city” setting of their debut with an “afternoon in the country” atmosphere. Also notable is the presence of a range of guest vocalists, including a spot by Morgan Phalen of NY rockers Diamond Nights on “On’n’On” and “Newlands”, Vincenzi Vendetta of Australian band Midnight Juggernauts on “Ohio”, and UK pop singer Ali Love on the album’s first single “Civilization”, the graphically captivating video for which was iTunes “Video of the Week” in June and featured prominently on Pitchfork, Stereogum, Prefix, and countless other sites.

Their debut established the group as an international force and the duo have responded with a huge album that panders to no one, equally at home blaring from a dance club soundsystem or performed in an arena. Don’t be surprised when it finds its home in the latter.

Support Photography and Skateboarding when you buy 43 Magazine

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Magazines play an essential role in skateboarding’s heritage, documenting the culture. 43 is a free, independent, non profit, bimonthly skateboard magazine, with a clean art book feel, dedicated to quality, photography and arts devoted to the unfiltered portrait of real skateboarding. The magazine has been in development for well over a year now with New York City skateboard photographer Allen Ying carefully building it thoughtfully from the ground up, questioning every detail to result in a magazine that is as inspiring as the skateboarding featured in it.

If you like this project, head over to kickstarter to give some support. Funding is still needed to cover the paper, printing, distribution, and contributors. with your support, this will be a special 1st issue with minimal or no advertising. moving forward, we will fund future issues with advertisements on no more than 38% of the magazine’s pages.



Check out the VHS-yanked clips for “A Long Time,” Mayer Hawthorne’s first video for his upcoming album “How Do You Do” on Universal. Taken from an old 80’s Detroit public access dance show- I can guarantee some of these people really regret their wardrobe choices…

Reminds us of Jimmy Fallon’s Dance Avenue.  Click HERE to peep the video!


By now, you know the story: J Mascis, Lou Barlow, & Patrick “Murph” Murphy, meet in Amherst, MA. J, Lou & Murph start a band. Said band goes on to rip through the musical landscape and prove to be the genesis of the “alternative rock” archetype. Over the last 25+ years, Dinosaur Jr. have influenced a countless number of bands, both peers and protégés, by wailing their classic union of melodic bass, seething drums, virtuosic guitar shredding and listless vocal delivery through the iconic Marshall stacks.


Jagjaguwar is now reissuinge the band’s first three albums on vinylDinosaurYou’re Living All Over Me and Bug, on October 4th, 2011. Originally released on the venerable Homestead and SST labels in the 1980’s, the reissues stay true to form and include the cardinal track lists.


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The EPIX Free-For-All will screen Woody Allen’s Academy Award Winning classic Annie Hall on Coney Island, a key location for the film. The evening will feature a Woody Allen Impression contest with prizes. To enter, please email woody@rooftopfilms.com.

WHEN: Monday, August 8, 2011

7:00 PM Live DJ
8:30 PM Rooftop Films presents Kristen Lepore’s short film Bottle
8:40 PM Annie Hall

WHERE: On the Beach at Coney Island at W 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Subway Directions: Take the F train to Coney Island, walk to the beach and make a left.


ANNIE HALL (Written and directed by Woody Allen | 1977 | 94 mins)

When most people hear the name Woody Allen, they think of two women: Soon-Yi and Annie Hall. Fortunately for Allen, his legacy in cinema had been cemented with the latter long before the former came along. With Oscar wins for best director, best picture and best actress for the radiantly quirky Diane Keaton, Annie Hall struck a chord with audiences outside of erudite Manhattan film houses-and with good reason. Sure, we get the standard dose of neurotic Woody-isms, but we also get a sweet, sad, hopeful tale that reminds us love is sweet, love is sad, and if we’re lucky, love is downright funny.

The Coney Island History Project will be in attendance to speak about the history of Coney Island and the filming of Annie Hall.


All summer long, the EPIX Movie Free-For-All is hosting FREE movie screenings in four NYC parks! Sit under the stars and watch movies in The East Village, Long Island City, Williamsburg and Coney Island. And not just the movies are free.

EPIX is giving away prizes and swag at each event and also via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and online.


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Nerd Alert: Thursday is the New York Premiere of Robert Greene’s Fake It So Real, followed by a wrestling battle royale featuring wrestlers from the film, Friday is the opening night of the popular Animation Block Party, and Saturday is the Kill Screen Video Game Festival, a night of intellectual and artistic exploration of the question “Why do we play video games?” through short films like Das Racist’s, Who’s That? Broown! and live independent video game play.

Thursday, July 28 2011


Fake It So Real dives head-first into the world of independent pro wrestling. Filmed over a single week leading up to a big show, the film follows a ragtag group of wrestlers in North Carolina, exploring what happens when the over-the-top theatrics of the wrestling ring collide with the realities of the working-class South. The show will include a live wrestling match featuring the film’s subjects after the screening, a stunning blood and sweat example of Rooftop’s commitment to bringing the films we present to life. Filmmaker Robert Greene and subjects of the film will be at the show for a Q&A after the film.

More information at:



Outdoors in the backyard at Crown Vic
60 South 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Take the L to Bedford, the G to Metropolitan, or the M to Marcy. The venue is located at the corner of South 2nd and Wythe.

7:30 PM Doors Open

8:00 PM Live Music

8:30 PM Film Begins

10:00 PM Q&A with filmmaker Robert Greene and subjects of the film

10:30 PM Live Wrestling Battle Royale, featuring subjects from the film

11:00 PM After-party at the Crown Vic

Friday, July 29, 2011


Some call it punk rock, some call it grass roots, but labels aside, NYC-based Animation Block Party is dedicated to exhibiting the world’s best independent, professional and student animation.

The summer of 2011 will mark the eighth annual Animation Block Party film festival. ABP has quickly become the premiere animation festival on the East Coast, showcasing the world’s best student, professional and independent shorts of all genres.

For the past six years, the ABP festival has opened at Rooftop Films. The ABP-Rooftop experience offers a big-screen simulcast of animation on both lawns at the Automotive High School.

This year, ABP will open on July 29th at Rooftop Films and then continue on July 30th and 31st at Bam Cinematek. Every evening will feature an awesome after party with free drinks.

The Films:
2011 ABP Intro (Casey Safron / NYC / 30 seconds)
Greetings from the Year 3000 (Barbara Benas / Brooklyn / 1:00 min)
La Plage (Agathe Bray-Bourret / Canada / 1:46 min)
Birdboy (Alberto Vazquez and Pedro Rivero / Bilbao, Spain / 12:36 min)
The Inkwell Shuffle (Christopher Diaz / Concordia University / 2:30 min)
The Girl and the Fox (Tyler J. Kupferer / SCAD / 5:30 min)
All Consuming Love – Man in a Cat (Louis Hudson / United Kingdom / 9:00 min)
Stay Home (Caleb Wood / RISD / 5:36 min)
Xxcuzxme (Aaron Keuter and Ashley Anderson / 2:06 min)
Little Thoughts (Alexander Geifman / Brazil-Israel / 6:16 min)
She Was The One (The Rauch Brothers / Brooklyn / 2:37 min)
Tempestade (Cesar Cabral / Brazil / 10 min)
7th (Sara Pocock / Cal Arts / 5:02 min)
The Leaf Woman and the Centaur (Jordan Bruner / Brooklyn / 3:10 min)
Venus (Tor Fruergaard, Instructor / National Film School of Denmark / 8:09 min)
Notes on Biology (Will and Danny Madden / Alabama / 5:38 min)
2011 ABP Outro (Aaron Hughes / Brooklyn / 30 seconds)

More information at:



On the lawn of Automotive High School, 50 Bedford Ave. (at North 13th St.), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Subway: L to Bedford Ave. or G to Nassau Ave.

8:00PM Doors Open

8:30PM Live Music

9:00PM Films Begin

11:30PM After Party at Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave at Driggs Ave)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Rooftop Films and Kill Screen present a night of short films, new videogames, and special presentations that showcase the impact that games have on our culture and daily lives. Rooftop Films and Kill Screen present a night of short films, games, and special presentations that showcase the impact that videogames have had on our culture and daily lives. Since 2008, the total worldwide gross income from videogame sales has exceeded worldwide movie theater box office grosses. Yet videogames are still generally treated as second rate entertainment. Kill Screen is a publication devoted to answering the question: “What does it mean to play games?” On July 30th we will explore that question, show some extraordinary work, and play some amazing videogames that might provide some answers.

More information at:



On the roof of The Old American Can Factory, 232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave.), Gowanus/Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Subway: F/G to Carroll St. or M/R to Union

8:00 PM Doors Open

8:30 PM Live Music

9:00 PM Films Begin

11:30 PM Reception in Courtyard with Indie Video Games

The Films:

DAS RACIST: “WHO’S THAT? BROOOWN!” (Thomas DaNapoli | Brooklyn, NY | 4 min.)
GET REAL! (Evert de Beijer | Netherlands | 11 min.)
8 BITS (Valerie Amirault and Sarah Laufer | France | 7 min.)
MINECRAFT: THE STORY OF MOJANG (EXCERPT) (2 Player Productions | Sweden | 8 min.)
MINECRART INTERSTATE (Brett Sanders | Florida | 3 min.)
CLASSIC VIDEO GAME DEATHS (Rob Beschizza | USA | 3 min.)
DEAD ISLAND TRAILER (Deep Silver | Germany | 3 min.)
BEAR UNTITLED (Christen Bach | Berlin | 1 min.)
SUPER THERE WILL BE BLOOD (Tomfoolery | United Kingdom | 1 min.)



Phantom Power – Inertial Framez

Phantom Power, an electro-relaxation outfit out of NY, has built a cozy digital nest of tracks designed to chill out the bros, and their newest comp release from Easy Tapes is no exception. This sampler sees them experimenting with complexity and composition without losing their minimalist sound or brevity, moving beyond the simple swirls of their earlier EPs and working on building a more distinct style. Like summertime, it seems fittingly directionless but hits all the right spots. File under ‘Poolside Tumbl-core’ and commence to doing absolutely nothing with your Saturday. Get your hands on the Easy Tapes Phantom Power sampler here.
By: Kelly Schirmann via sickoftheradio.com



The Get Up Kids recently dropped by The AV Club to contribute to their ongoing Undercover Series. The AV Club, in conjunction with their readers, picked a list of 25 songs for 25 bands to cover. Every time a band comes in, they pick a song from the list and cross it off. The Get Up Kids chose seminal track “Girls And Boys” off the 1994 album Parklife by Blur, a song they often play during soundchecks.

The Get Up Kids cover “Girls And Boys” by Blur


Here is Teddybears’ official video for “Cho-Cha” feat. Cee-Lo and The B-52’s and starring Jeff Turner (the focus of the documentary ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ about a man stalking Tiffany) directed by Zach Shields. Opening with a bevy of breathless beauties perched on the sofa of a dimly lit room this video is frighteningly clever. Buy it now on iTunes: http://atlr.ec/qceXCx


Click HERE to get a free mp3 and exclusive listen to ”Vomit” from new Girls album – ”Father, Son, Holy Ghost”. You can also pre-order the album and get loads of unique offers and exclusives direct from Girls store HERE or from Girls Facebook Page HERE. And for those of you in the U.S. – exclusive offer from Insound (free poster exclusively designed by Christopher Owens)





Our friends at Sick Of The Radio recently caught up with Jef Barbara right before kicking off his European tour, to talk to him about his newest release Cocaine Love w/DannielRadall, and also his plans post-tour.

s.o.t.r.-You just released the EP Cocaine Love with producer DannielRadall. The song “Cocaine Love” originally appeared on your debut Contamination. How did this new EP with Radall come about?

Jef-I became aware of DannielRadall because we’ve both released on AMDISCS. I remember him being quite excited about Larmes de crocodile, off my Contamination tape. A few weeks after the record came out, Rado (label head) asked if I could send Danniel the stems for Cocaine Love and I said yes. I was told that it was going to be a Tears For Fears-type remix but that didn’t pan out.
Still I wanted to push Cocaine Love with a video, which I had already shot scenes for. And because I felt Contamination had run its course, I needed to find a way to get the song the attention it deserved. So I asked Radall if he was down with making more than one remix and the rest is history.

s.o.t.r.-Your music, especially with “Cocaine Love”, seems to have a heavy 80’s feel. what about the 80’s culture attracts you the most and what artists would you say influence your work the most?

Jef-I was born in the 80’s. The 80’s have impacted my musical identity like no other decade, although at times, I’m more of a 70’s guy. I’ve always loved how 80’s pop stars projected larger-than-life personalities, in line with that decade’s glitzy excess, which can be assessed when watching MTV staples like Beat It and Express Yourself. With time though, I’ve ventured beyond the obvious, and started listening to things that weren’t as easily accessible when I was younger. Namely Francophone New Wave like Elli & Jacno and West Coast P-Funk like Cameo. But these are just examples of how varied my tastes are. Furthermore, the 80’s seemed to be infused with that sort of fantasy that died as we entered the 90’s. Even masculine androgyny was seen as cutting-edge because homosexuals had not yet fully impregnated collective consciousness, via reference points like Will & Grace. Hence why such looks were perceived as daring and artistic, rather than just gay. Gender-bending singers now tend to be constantly affected by acceptable ideas of how to look gay. It’s just not as freeform as it used to be.


s.o.t.r.-What are some current artists that you find favorable and that our readers should check out?

Jef-There are so many. I could tell you about labelmates like Pears, whose next album I’m really looking forward to. And then there’s Montreal acts that I dig, mostly friends. Bernardino Femminielli, who co-wrote both Cocaine Love and Wild Boys, has got a few recordings under his belt. He put out his last tape on his own record label, called Los Discos Enfantasmes, which has some releases worth checking out. Most of the other acts on the label venture into noisier pastures though. I also dig the shoegazey noise of the Rape Faction. One of my favourite songs from the past year is called Où sont les fleurs? by a talented young woman named Xarah, who plays in a band called Léopard et Moi. It’s got the the weirdest Oriental-type time signature that I can’t follow when I hear it yet it’s so damn dancey!

s.o.t.r.-The release party for Cocaine Love is on July 27th in Lodz, Poland. How was that location chosen and what are the plans for the event?

Jef-I picked Lodz out of all the other dates on the tour because the organizers have been staunch supporters thus far. They hosted a one-hour radio special on Radio Zak a few weeks ago and they turned out being total nerds, referencing things I did years ago, which I don’t really want people to know about. Hence why I decided to have the release party there. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, in addition to introducing the DannielRadall remix. I’d rather be spontaneous.

s.o.t.r.-You are undergoing a European tour right now, what are some of your favorite places to play in Europe? How would you say European audiences differ from Americans? Often times Europe is seen as more welcoming to innovative and new artists, would you agree?

Jef-Europeans are known to be more open to eccentricity, whether it’s in music, film, or even politics. I must say people’s reaction to me has been more intense in Europe than in America thus far. But I guess it’s something I will have to confirm once I’m done touring both continents. In answer to your other question, I can’t say what my favorite places are, as this is my first time playing Europe and I have yet to play my first gig, which is tonight. I’m kinda bummed out because I missed my flight to Prague. So I’m at the Paris airport, making the most of my time by writing well thought out answers.

s.o.t.r.-What are you plans post-tour? Are there hopes for a full-length release with Radall?

Jef-I would be open to collaborating with Radall in the future. I believe he’s very talented, like all the wonderful people I surround myself with. However for now, my main priority is a follow-up to Contamination, which I’m planning to wrap by this fall. So studio time is definitely in the cards and I can’t fucking wait!

Get Jef Barbara‘s Cocaine Love split EP that you via Amdiscs HERE.

Buy Contamination HERE.


Y.A.C.H.T’s (“Young Americans Challenging High Technology”) new album, Shangri-la is a strange and hypnotic mixed bag of idiosyncratic beats, charming synth sound and new age / DIY punk-mystic vision.  Like See Mystery Lights, Y.A.C.H.T’s second album bends synthetic components with abstract lyrics to create an oddly organic, stripped-down experience (that you can dance to!) Download “Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)” and preview two other tracks off the album below:

MP3: YACHT: “Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)”

Tripped an Fell in Love

Shangri La


The Horrors new self-produced third album Skying leaked over the weekend, so XL decided to stream the album in full before the official release on July 11th.  This is by far one of the most solid efforts to follow-up the hugely acclaimed Primary Colours, and maybe a sleeper best album of 2011.  Check out the track “Still Life”, a catchy shoegaze drenched Echo & The Bunnymen reminiscent track that is sure to be the psychedelic jam of the summer.


It’s cold in space, but did you know that celestial body`s and planets produce sounds through radio waves that can sound warm and beautiful from light to dark? Jupiter sounds almost angelic like, while mercury sounds eerily creepy. This summer a group of artists have gotten together for a compilation album using those sounds called “Celestial Summer”, featuring tracks by TeeelMothSummer HeartCulture VoyageStarfawn, plus textural maestro Bartosz Dziadosz aka Pleq. Space out to a track from Papercutz & Pleq below or check out the whole album HERE:

:papercutz & Pleq – Neptunian Moons by :papercutz


The Knux already impressed us with “She’s So Up” earlier this year, and now they’re back with an even better single. Kid Cudi continues his rock experimentation and joins the innovative duo on “Run,” an upbeat number that conjures images of the beach, women, and good times. Add this one to your summer playlist ASAP.

The Knux will be performing alongside Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire and Party Supplies at Webster Hall on July 30. Get your tickets for one of the hottest shows of the summer here.

Listen: The Knux f/ Kid Cudi “Run”



Vanity Is Forever, being released September 27th via Chapter Music, is Crayon Fields frontman Geoffrey O’Connor’s first album under his own name, and his most ambitious, dynamic and sophisticated work yet. O’Connor’s fractured romantic reflections and lustful tributes play out over vast synthscapes, colossal stadium drums and flanged orchestral sweeps, creating a world that is at once ethereal and strikingly vivid. With a combination of restraint and fearless abandon, O’Connor embraces the conflicts of modern love in a manner as ambiguous as it is blunt, and as shameless as it is generous. His songs indulge in ecstasy, love, pride, failure and all the glamorous contradictions they become. He is both an adult with a juvenile mind, and a geriatric in the body of a young man. Painstakingly refined over two years, Vanity Is Forever is O’Connor’s most fully realized album to date, an epic pop melodrama that shifts seamlessly between seductive high-production dance hits, suave funk joyrides and modern synthetic power balladry.

Listen to “Now and Then” HERE.


A summer sleeper hit-to-be from MEMORY TAPES – “WAIT IN THE DARK” (JENSEN SPORTAG REMIX) Taken from the Memory Tapes Tour EP. LISTEN to the track below:

While you are here, you can also DOWNLOAD THE MEMORY TAPES TOUR EP (remixes by Jensen Sportag, Seams & Nazca Lines). Just click HERE.

You can also grab some JENSEN SPORTAG CUSTOM REMIXES. Just click HERE.


Director Vladimir Miladinović spends his days backstage Fashion Week parties with undressed models. Somehow, he still gets his game on as creative director for campaigns like Puma and shooting covers for Belgrade’s fashion mag, Prestup. We think his lo-fi voyeuristic way of filming his models is a perfect marriage with the Papercutz remix of Sun Glitters “Love Me”.


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Spike Jonze’s long rumored short film based on Arcade Fire’s critically acclaimed album, The Suburbs is finally here. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, the film presents themes of war and coming of age in suburbia, following the narrator “living in suburban dystopia, trying to piece together fragmented memories from when he was a teenager, and his experiences with his friends as they grow apart.” (SXSW)

Watch the full film here.


Daniel Isaiah’s recent release High Twilight winds it’s way through years of folk references with some refreshing indie ingredients.  There are tracks that speak to Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Conor Oberst, but with bursts of a youthful Montreal indie rock sound.  For those looking for an energetic update to more traditional folk songwriting, Isaiah delivers with tracks like “The Naked Night” which features some heavier guitars and synth backgrounds and “Candlemaker Row” with stark percussive interludes.  His charming French tracks “J’habites un pays” and “Mélissa” are a sweet addition and also offer a soft contrast to his folkier sounds. I like that he follows “Mélissa” with “Ogygia” which has a similar quality, but is sung in English.  The two songs speak to each other melodically and tonally.

Check out “High Twilight” and “The Naked Night” now and don’t miss Daniel Isaiah live Friday 6/24 at Pianos or Saturday 6/25 at Rock Shop.