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Jenna works from a detailed vision that she sets out to recreate, whether arising from her subconscious or something from everyday life that sparks her imagination. A common plant such as a Venus Fly Trap will transform itself into a vagina, eating tiny man flies that she simply must capture. A common kitchen appliance will reveal a bored house wives tool for masturbation that she will recreate and photograph. In case you havent already figured it out, most of Jennas ideas are raunchy, visual puns that you laugh about and later construct. Some of her jokes could be considered bathroom humor while others deal with more serious issues such as gender and roles women have in society.  She photographs mostly women, feminine men and mannequins, all of which have roles that are blurred. For Jenna,  exploration and a quick imagination allow other visions to surface.  She believes in getting her ideas through experience, her minds eye,  day-dreams and fantasies, not other peoples.



Almost the weekend again! Craving some new music to start things off right? Serve yourself up a healthy portion of Sonic Youth’s new album “The Eternal”…extra Discosalt. CLICK HERE to stream the full album.


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Lindsey’s work is a visual diary of her experiences, thoughts and imagination.  As thoughts are momentary, so are her images-created as narratives of characters seeking truth.  Lindsey consciously directs light and matter towards the subjects within the photograph, seeking to create stillness and subtle grace. Lindsey Bushong is a member of the Discosalt Artist Collective and works out of New York.


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Born in Linz, Austria, Tom Haslinger began photography in 1999 and was the assistant to Thomas Smetana from 1999 to 2000. In the year 2000 Tom moved to Vienna where he was the assistant for Markus Rossle until 2003. He has worked for some model agencies in London and assistant for ranking, as well as Dazed and Confused Magazine. Tom has worked for advertizing campaigns with Nike, Milka, T-Mobile, Addidas and other local clients. Tom has been working in New York City since 2005 doing test shoots for various modeling agencies and is a member of the Discosalt Artist Collective.



French Illustrator/Musician McBess, a Discosalt favorite, brings his own unique vision to this music video for his band, The Dead Pirates.  “Wood” is highly stylish black and white 1940’s cartoon meets Gorillaz Feel Good Inc, done in McBess’s signature style, full of some really crazy intricate detail and lots of tatoos. McBess has a pretty gnarly website with some great 2D art for sale and a shirt from the video featuring The Dead Pirate’s logo on Threadless. You can find that here.



Hump like rabbits…White Rabbits. Just click above to stream their new full album “Its Frightening”.

Catch White Rabbits on tour this summer.



What is this? It’s Mika Miko, an underground youth punk/noise band from LA that have been turning out no-wave pony funk for the LA rave-up Smell Scene, since 2003. 4 chicks, 1 guy,  4 of whom claim to still live with their folks, who are notorious for playing rowdy free shows at random kids birthday parties in the valley.  Classic post punk mixed with a little art punk, some B52’s base lines, 1970s fractured dance beats, jagged guitars, raunchy jokes and songs about late night snacks. The new album “We Be Xuxa” which is out May 5 via Post Present Medium, features not one, but two songs about wanting a turkey sandwich. Sold!  “I Got A Lot( New New New)” is the first single and the band will be on tour on the east coast beginning in June. Buy the album, play it loud and annoy your neighbors.



July 7:

Son Volt: American Central Dust

The Rural Alberta Advantage- Hometowns

StellaStarr- Civilized

July 21:

Mellowdrone- Angry Bear

Portugal, The Man- The Satanic Satanist

Fiery Furnaces-I’m Going Away

Memphis May Fire- Sleepwalking

Ian Hunter- Man Overboard

July 28:

Howling Bells- Radio Wars


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Dave Jackowski holds an MS in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, GSAPP and a bachelor of Architecture from Kent State University. After graduating, he spent a brief time working at Asymptote where he was highly involved in the design process of several projects- most notably the Al-Raha towers in Abu Dhabi. He then began work at Studio Daniel Libenskind. While working for Libenskind, David spent much of his time on the development of a competition/bid for the 300,000 sqm land extension to the principality of Monaco.

Davids approach towards design is combination of elegance and intensity. He has the fondness of mixing the soft curves of a woman with the brute presence of a panzer tank. He is eager to explore new ways of design and thought, through architecture, art and film and is a member of the Discosalt Artist Collective.



Did anyone see the Phoenix Blimp flying around New York City this week? Yeah, we missed it too. Seems a little out of air but the band is certainly not. Phoenix is a slighty pompous French (freedom) power pop band whose music could sit comfortably on The Breakfast Club soundtrack. Their new album  “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,”released this month is getting great reviews even withstanding a seven and a half minute suite “Love Like a Sunset” that desperately wants to build like a hidden track from David Bowie’s Low and an over indulgent soft rock ballad, “Fences”, that might make Darryl Hall weep. Its still French and seems fresh in the US amidst a haze of power pop bands now that are dominating the music landscape. And the band has cred. They have been around for a while, originally backing  the French power pop band Air, then moving on to release 4 albums perfecting the electro synth-pop arrangement.  The band will be on tour in June, September and December.



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Pam Glew is a contemporary British artist who uses a distinctive variety of media to produce modern paintings and is a member of the Discosalt Art Collective. Manipulating images of female icons in horror films in the current ‘Fear series’, she plays with our notion of paranoia, attraction and the American Dream. The portraits often portray vacuous beauty, within a compellingly seductive image. Her addiction to obscure horror films, dissecting images of women and her attraction to being scared has fuelled this extensive series of work. She frequently uses materials that have inherent history; vintage American flags, aged metal and antiqued books are used as a canvas and treated with ink, bleach, stitch, ammonia and spray-paint to achieve an aesthetic which pays homage to both street art and confessional art.

Fine art and street art enthusiasts have embraced Pam Glew’s work; she has exhibited in the UK and USA in over 50 national shows and regularly shows at Affordable Art Fair London. She works from her studio in Brighton, UK and her works feature in collections in Europe, USA, Canada and USSR.


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Check out Patrick Wolf’s new video for “Hard Times” off his latest record “The Bachelor”. Wolf is a London based singer songwriter who is most notorious for combining electronic sampling with classical instruments. Bromantic Folk meets Techno pop. Wolf  said the video is a homage to Elvis Presley and Klaus Nomi and it was filmed entirely on Pier 52 in New York.  “Hard Times” is in the running for Discosalt’s recession anthem of the year.  Let us know what you think…


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Step into Jason Woodside’s world where vampires invade Chinatown and booze rains from the sky. Fusing urban and natural influences, Jason’s creations come from a blend of modern, retro and beyond. His use of thick black lines, psychedelic colors and textures on bleached white canvas broadcasts directly to the mind’s eye. In these highly energetic paintings, Jason’s unusual characters, like the lethargic brothers Frank and Franc, possess uncanny personalities. Originally from Florida, Jason attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. By the age of 25, Jason has exhibited his works in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Sydney, drawing much acclaim from the underground art world.

Once commissioned by the legendary Absolut Vodka marketing master, Michel Roux, Jason designed and painted ads for the Absente Refined advertising campaign. This association as a showcase artist with Roux’s international campaign has undoubtedly acted as a catalyst to Jason’s career as it did for legends like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Romero Britto. Britto, a notable Brazilian pop artist, collaborated with Jason on many projects in his home base of Miami, including a soccer ball design for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Jason currently lives outside of Los Angeles pursuing a dual career in painting and fashion design. The fashion opportunities advanced as he began designing clothes for Milla Jovovich’s high-end women’s line, Jovovich-Hawk. Through this connection, Jason booked art exhibits at fashion shows and expos throughout Southern California, exposing his paintings to a new demographic. On a relentless pursuit to expand his artistic capabilities, Jason transforms his ideas and characters in each new piece, while maintaining his signature style. Jason has also dipped his paintbrush into the world of commercial art, designing logos and displaying large-scaled pieces in business settings.

Like what you see? Check out more of Jasons work on his webs or in the Discosalt Artist Section.



Get your hump day on with Discosalt and Metric.  Stream Metrics latest album release “Fantasies”, and share it with your friends.  Maybe not exaaaaactly the rainy day fantasy you had in mind for today but we were all out of flap jacks and egg rolls and our mood lighting is stationary.  Next time…


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Discosalt now offers Baby and Childrens size t-shirts for the little ones, really small adults and slim fitters. Just shoot us an email at info@discosalt.com and we can customize any size to order. Featured above is Annabel rocking a discosalt 100% organic green baby t-shirt. Kids love us.

All discosalt t-shirts are made by way of hand made silk screening and all silk screening is done by discosalt artists in the East Village of New York City. All t-shirts are printed on American Apparel’s softest smoothest best looking t-shirt available anywhere. 100% fine jersey cotton, combed for softness and comfort. Want to learn more about our shirts, just click on the MERCH section.


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Smells good…

Pam Glew joins Stella Dore’s cosy stable of artists this month. No, not the cookies…thats Stella “Doro” silly. Even better than those swiss fudge treats, this is Dore…say it with me… Dor-E…and add the accent, make it sound French if you want.

Stella Dore are about to open their new super-cool permanent gallery space in Rivington Street, London and are celebrating the launch with a group show ‘Make Over’. They showcase artists like: Eine, Pure Evil, Cept, Modern Toss, Cat Johnson, Chu, Eelus, I-Lib, Shok 1, Kid Acne, Rugman, Tinsel Edwards, Twinkle Troughton and now Discosalts very own Pam Glew (www.pamglew.co.uk). Remember these…there will be a quiz later.

The show opens on Thursday 27th November 2008 with DJ’s, drinks, the whole shebang so keep this all important night free, it’s going kick off this year’s Christmas celebrations.

Stella Dore

47 Rivington Street, London (Old Street Tube, exit 3)


Thursday 27th Nov 6-9 pm

PLEASE EMAIL : stella@stelladore.com to attend the Private View & for buyers enquirie


Label: Carpark Records

Release Date: February 26, 2008

Pop music from a haunted house? Beach House plys in the labor pool of the lazy, meandering melody that seems to have no obvious beginning or end, but is anchored and steered by the certain vocals and harmonic vocal resonance formerly held by the long forgotten Cocteau Twins, but there’s a real difference. These songs have actual lyrics. The songs on Devotion aren’t so enamored with their own moodiness or atmospherics. This lack of self-aware fascination is in part by the space left between the music and the listener. Devotion doesn’t jump out of the speakers at you; if anything, it takes a step backwards.

Buoyed by drum machines, lazy electric guitars & keyboards that fill most open space and yet remain sounding reserved, songs like “Some Things Last A Long Time” and “Turtle Island” bring a cold atmospheric feeling to Devotion, while a full and obvious melody thankfully avoids sharp turns on “All These Years,” a melancholy ode to the title of the album, devotion. “Gila” provides the most singular moment on the album, a guitar melody that anchors the song, one that adheres to the cool reservation of a Blonde Redhead-esque atmopheric and strikes it’s own singular chord as well. Beach House’s second album broadens the scope of their domain, and also cements them to the ground laid in their debut, the self titled Beach House. No better or memorable part on a song this year than that guitar on “Gila,” and no better record will come out this year to take a boat ride on a cloudy day, or to listen to the ghosts kick a jam at the old abandoned orphanage. Creepy and cool

John Whitaker


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3258463707_d22fb72a76_oSarah Broski has recently added some really awesome new images to her artist profile on Discosalt Check them out. They are sure to entertain and amuse. All  can all be purchased through sara’s website sarabroski.com