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Mini Bike Winter is a annual 2 day bicycling event full of F.U.N., activities, partying, and some of the most ridiculous displays of hipster biking you will ever see, brought to you by Zoobomb in Portland, OR. The event is the staple of crazy bicycling entertainment which keeps everyone warm with laughter and…well, beer… a lot of it. It’s also an open invite event and free to all with events like the Ben Hur chariot war, bike bowling and the mysterious “cupcake challenge”.  Grade A bike culture, with less emphasis on “culture” and well, again, more on beer… a lot of it.  Because nothing says I love biking, like whiffle bat beating your friend into a bloody pulp while strapped to a mini bike chariot dressed as a post apocalyptic bike enthusiast. Curious to see what this is all about?, photographer  Richie Tomaseen has shot and cut (using mostly a Canon 7d) some of the events highlights in a mini film about Mini Bike Winter.  You will be laughing by the cupcake challenge, I promise. All photos courtesty of’s photostream. You can check out the film and Soundtrack below:

“Shock” – Nero Remix
“Gecko” – Datsik
“Swagga” – Datsik & Excision
“Peacebone” – Animal Collective
“Fuse” – Hudson Mohawke