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New York based street artist Aakash Nihalani’s new project “STOP POP and ROLL”. Shot in Brooklyn, NY by Keith Haskel with music by Quantic. Check out more of Aakash on Discosalt HERE



Hype aside, we”ve never been huge advocates of Vampire Weekend. While their new album, Contra is getting serious praise, their new seizure inducing video for the track “couzin”, totally rips off  our friend Aakash Nihalani’s signature box art.  When we first saw the video, we thought maybe Aakash had given the band consent to use his art but as it turns out he was never consulted and was never compensated. Way to steal another artists work guys! If you are interested in checking out Aakash’s actual work, click on some of the links below:

Aakash on Discosalt 1

Aakash on Discosalt 2

Aakash on Discosalt 3

to check out the rip off press play:


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“Der Zeit ihre Kunst – der Kunst ihr Festival”

Street art is getting some real recognition and appreciation in the Imperial City this month. The “Black River” festival is Vienna’s first Street Art Festival and features the work of NYC local and Discosalt favorite Aakash Nihalani.  On my trip to Vienna this past July, I had one of the best days I can remember strolling along the underground art covered stretch of the river Danube that passes through the city.  Great company, great city and great art. The banks now display some of the festival art as part of the festivals street projects starting in mid October and there is also a film series and a group exhibition to follow. Wish I could hop a flight back to check this out before it’s over…


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One of the key elements of Aakash Nihalani’s  physical street-level art is that it engages the viewer, making them more than just a viewer but rather an active agent in the artwork itself. The photo documentation of his work shows how the installations transform with each individual’s reaction and interaction with them, so it’s not just one piece of art but infinite. In an effort to translate that very personal unique interaction of human and art, Aakash has begun to explore interactive digital artwork that can be experienced via the internet, from anywhere in the world. Integrating the visual and experiential concepts present in his tape installations into this digital medium.
Check it out:  Magkinetic Drawings.


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This looks like the work of NYC’s masked avenger Poster Boy.

About a year ago, we were seeing more of these crude cut and paste jobs, even a street art collaboration with NYC street artist Aakash Nihalani. On Jan, 30, Poster Boy was busted by undercover cops in a Soho gallery space and carted off to Rikers. The poster mash-ups came to a halt and Poster Boys identity was revealed as Henry Matvjewicz, a 27 year old art student originally from Connecticut…or was it? The New York Times published a piece on February 4, that Matvjewicz was just a stand-in…and the real poster boy was still at large looming in the shadows, dicing up posters.  Matvejewicz story has  holes, making the copy-cat artist story plausible, but for now, Matvejewicz has officially taken the heat and continues to stands up for his Poster Boy manifesto. So whats the conviction behind it all?

“Nobody wants to see those ads. Some ads are clever, you know. You watch the Superbowl and you see like a funny ad or a clever ad, and there is some art behind it. You know, composition and color, there’s some appreciation. But then when it’s that big and in-your-face and it’s so aggressive; you get kinda tired of it. You’re like, Damn, I wish that shit would just like disappear. And then someone like Poster Boy comes by and just says, “Fuck it.” I’m going to cut it down with same razor I use in the subway..there are things out there that are not right and probably always will be things that are not right, and you have to decide your level of involvement and how you have to change that. I’ve decided that as a human being, as Henry Matyjewicz, as an artist, as a citizen, as an American. I understand what I can do and what I want to do and my involvement; and I think people should do that too and not be afraid to get arrested because that fear is why were are in this predicament—this moral predicament— in the first place, you know. You need to stop being scared and being empowered and thinking you can make a difference.”- Poster Boy

Whether or not this newly diced up ad is the mark of the actual Poster Boy or not may remain a mystery…one thing for sure,  the spirit of Poster Boy is still alive in NYC.


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Check out more of Nihalani’s work HERE


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What: Paraphrase

Where: Arario New York

521 W. 25t St., 2nd FL

New York, New York 10001

When: Opening Reception Thursday, June 25 (6-8pm)

On view from June 26-July 24

Arario, an NYC gallery for Asian contemporary art is showcasing a new group exhibit called Paraphrase this month. The title—meaning a restatement of a text or passage; to put something in your own words; or to give meaning in another form—suggests how these artists approach long-established written and visual languages.”

The exhibit will feature works by NYC street artist, Discosalt friend and favorite Aakash Nihalani. We began following the work of Aakash Nihalani just over a year ago and his signature open-air installations which use flourecent tape as his sole medium have become instantly recognizable in and around the city. Nihalani’s street art is one of the most relevant forms of art right now because it gives a fresh persepctive on public space that creates room for new words and ideas.


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WHAT: Available Space: Aakash Nihalani Artwork Exhibit

WHEN : 5:00 PM February 7th, 2009

WHERE : 525-539 Atlantic Avenue, in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Just one block from the Atlantic Center, around the corner from Brooklyn Academy of Music.

“Aakash Nihalani creates street artwork that “consists mostly of isometric rectangles and squares.” He places these unplanned graphics throughout New York City to “highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself.” His installation “Available Space” is showing at 525 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.”