Crozet, a multi-instrumental duo from Philly, PA has crafted a thing of beauty, entitled “We’ll Be Gone By Then”. An epic wall of sound built out of huge drums, creamy layered synths, reverb-drenched vocals, hints of guitar and pure love. Every track builds into something bigger, dreamier and pulls you in. Imagine, becoming one with your favorite John Hughes film. Pure 80s bliss. Perfect for fans of M83, Washed Out, and Teen Daze.

We’ll Be Gone By Then by Crozet

This Free EP from Crozet covers the likes of John Waite, Yo La Tengo, Geneva Jacuzzi, Memoryhouse and Teen Daze. Enjoy the beautifully crafted album filled with fuzzy synths, pulsing bassline and 80s drum machine beats. Crozet comes through with their distinct sound and really does the originals justice. Download this collection of covers for by clicking HERE

Alterations EP by Crozet

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