Brighton, East UK

Pam Glew is a contemporary British artist who uses a distinctive variety of media to produce modern paintings.

Manipulating images of female icons in horror films in the current ‘Fear series’, she plays with our notion of paranoia, attraction and the American Dream. The portraits often portray vacuous beauty, within a compellingly seductive image. Her addiction to obscure horror films, dissecting images of women and her attraction to being scared has fuelled this extensive series of work. She frequently uses materials that have inherent history; vintage American flags, aged metal and antiqued books are used as a canvas and treated with ink, bleach, stitch, ammonia and spray-paint to achieve an aesthetic which pays homage to both street art and confessional art. Fine art and street art enthusiasts have embraced Pam Glew’s work; she has exhibited in the UK and USA in over 50 national shows and regularly shows at Affordable Art Fair London. She works from her studio in Brighton, UK and her works feature in collections in Europe, USA, Canada and USSR.


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