Photographic Indulgences from Jackson Eaton

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This week,Sick Of The Radio turned us onto Australian photographer Jackson Eaton. ” Eaton takes a unique approach to chronicling life through the lens. It is, more often than not, determined by his life experiences. Establishing a rough chronology of his life and love with his Korean lover, Eaton sets out to illustrate the power of the subject in the photograph and that person’s relationship with the photographer.”

Eaton “mainly documents the quiet moments between himself and friends or lovers in an intimate view privy only to the populace due to his unique position as the pictorial storyteller. The connection he feels with in his relationships is felt through the photograph and directly to us. Some may say the strong relationship between the photographer and subject, the personal experiences shown to us, may dilute the artistic merit of the image but here it enhances it, strengthens the resolve and spirit of the experience. Eaton’s images cannot simply be passed off as pictures of friends one might find in a Facebook album; instead they tell a story that we can relate to.Eaton’s other projects include music and fashion photographer, as well as a unique album of portraits entitled “New Portrait’s for No One.” Though Eaton’s strength as a photographer is in his ability to capture subtle, hushed moments in his life and relationships, his fresh take on portraits is just as strong. Each pose looks calmed, nonchalant and purposeful.”(Sick Of The Radio)

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