Think of Niia as Sade meets Portishead, a mix of of the classical old updated through the use of minimalist down-tempo synth pop, murder guitar and joy divisionesque drums. It makes for a combination that has never failed to impress. Looking like Giselle, Niia’s not exactly hard on the eyes either. Β Niia garnered a lot of attention early on after meeting Wyclef and appearing on his track “Sweest Girl (Dollar Bill)” which spent several weeks on the Billboard charts. From there, Perez Hilton went on to say she had a “voice as sultry as she looks” for her cover of the Cher classic “Bang Bang”. You’ll hear mostly covers on her MySpace page, but trust me when I say it’s her originals that are going to really draw you to her and you’ll be singing Libertine Hero to yourself for days on end. Β In the meantime, give “Last Man” a listen below.

Niia’s next show is at Joe’s Pub on July 5th at 9:30 (find tickets)

Niia: Last Man MP3

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