Iconic Film Posters Re-Imagined by Contemporary Illustrators

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Jimmy Turrel – Serpico

Little White Lies and colette have teamed up to celebrate this year’s Cannes Film Festival with a selection of iconic film posters re-imagined by contemporary illustrators.

Von – A Clockwork Orange

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  1. Jose
    February 12, 2014

    hey guys.jon – i’ve seen the movie and um…well, it was a movie alright. the opeinng sequence was awesome.dustin – if i did everything you asked me to do right away, i’d have paid you back for all that money i owe you! dood, i’m not about to do that.warren – thanks for the commnets, man. the original idea for the UV was that they were supposed to be in business suits of some type (in the rough you can see i had put in some sunglasses flipping off the guy’s head in the foreground). but after drawing them sans clothing i thought that it made the image easier to read. and yeah, those are my favorite iron men(?) too: grey and red/gold with horns.ed – he ain’t oppressed. oppressed people don’t get creator owned books from Wildstorm and a bazillion dollar page rate. dustin’s a rockstar.


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