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What: Unamplified Acoustic BBQ 2009

When: June 14, 2009: 12:00 PM

Where: Fort Tilden Beach, The Rockaways, NY

Damage: Free

An informal, quiet beach party with live bands in New York City? Its true.  Well, actually we are not entirely sure Fort Tilden Beach really exists…but urban legend attributes it to being the best hidden beach in NYC.  The Fort is a former US Army Installation that ended its service in 1974 as a Nike Missle site. From the pictures we have seen, its kind of  like the Darma Initiative in the Rockaways. While bikes might be your best option, you can train or ferry it part of the way, then hop a bus, then foot it.  Stilettos are a no no.  So if you are feeling a bit adventurous like Leo and can figure out how to get there, you are in for a real treat. A nice crop of diverse artists will be playing two or three songs w/ no amplification. Schedule (subject to change) below…

Golden Triangle (7:40pm), Aa (7:20pm), Talk Normal (7:10pm), Dinowalrus (7:00pm), Spectre Folk (6:50pm), The So So Glos (6:40pm), Shilpa Ray (6:30pm), Skeleton (6:20pm), TK Webb (6:10pm), Religious Knives (6:00pm), Necking (5:50pm), Ducktails (5:40pm), Phosphorescent (5:30pm), Pterodactyl (5:20pm), The Forms (5:10pm), Little Gold (5:00pm), White Diamonds (4:50pm), Taigaa! (4:40pm), Puttin’ on the Ritz (4:30pm), Knyfe Hytes (4:20pm), Samara Lubelski (4:10pm), The Ballet (4:00pm), Beach Fossils (3:50pm), Mika Miko (3:40pm), Emilyn Brodsky (3:30pm), Teengirl Fantasy (3:20pm), Christy & Emily (3:10pm), Fiasco (3:00pm), Strange Boys (2:50pm), Broccoli Destroyer (2:40pm), Ponytail (2:20pm), Katie Eastburn (2:10pm), The Coathangers (2:00pm), Metal Mountains (1:50pm), Real Estate (1:40pm), Liturgy (1:30pm), Artanker with Heavy Friends (1:20pm), Extra Life (1:10pm), X-Ray Eyeballs (1:00pm), The Homosexuals (12:50pm), Hot Pink Carpet (12:40pm), Javelin (12:30pm), The Eskalators (12:20pm), The Vultures (12:10pm), Air Waves (12:00pm)

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