With the release of their debut EP Journal of Ardency ,Β  last month, sexy Brooklyn electro-pop trio Class Actress have been getting a lot ofΒ  local media hype lately. The new EP is available on vinyl at Terrible Records or you can check out the new video for “Journal of Ardency” and read what Pitchfork media has to say about the track below:

a big part of this coolly seductive song’s spell lies in the way it gracefully finesses the gulf between someone’s glamorous image of big-city nightlife and the narrator’s lonely, wounded reality. “You think I’m livin’ it, livin’ it, livin’ it, livin’ it up,” Harper repeats behind frosty snare thwacks, adding, “It’s a lie, lie. The galloping Italo-disco bass line and luxurious rubber-band synths evoke a night of cosmopolitan-clutching revelry at pricey Manhattan clubs, but the ponderously Depeche Mode-ish song title, unshowy melody, and earnest, expressive vocals tacitly acknowledge our narrator will no doubt be going home as she probably went out: alone.- pitchfork

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  1. Actress Photos
    April 27, 2010

    very erotic video….


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