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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest video for the forthcoming new single “Heads Will Roll” off their new album “Its Blitz!” features a thriller-esc dancing wolfman who dismembers the band in the end. The video was directed by Discosalt favorite, Richard Ayoade (shaman Saboo), from “The Mighty Boosh” which just began airing on Adult Swim and whom is also famed for directing videos for the Arctic Monkeys, Kasbian, Super Furry Animals and Vampire Weekend.  While, I was a bit leery about the new album, its really starting to draw me in like their last one and this single is even more fun and dance-y than the last. And as always, Karen O looks amazing… even in peices.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on tour all summer and drop back in our area on July 31 for the All Points West Festival .



The Danks are yet another Canadian indie band export that has jumped on our radar aye. Three Toronto bar vets who have been friends since 6th grade and are a boot playing power pop garage rock with a fun party vibe. Lots of hooks and fast drums with some Julian Casablanca’s drawl. Its a Canadian version of the Strokes but with more power pop harmonies. What makes it good is that its still indie and raw and hasnt been cleaned up by a major label yet. The new EP is “In Alright” and this is the first video for the album. A catchy track you might be humming later but not the best on the album. “Squealor” and “Little ’94” are much more interesting songs to check out. The Danks gear up for a month-long national tour with Two Hours Traffic and Hey Rosetta! this Fall.



Its finally Friday. Karamu, fiesta, foreva.  Heres a new video for you from the Montreal based duo for their new single “Haarp”. Clues are an indie band formed by former Unicorns frontman, bass, keyboardist Alden Penner and Brendan Reed, most noted for his former bands Arcade Fire and Les Angles Morts. Their new self titled album was just released this week on Constellation Records, and a North American Tour is set to follow this summer. Of course Discosalt Local will keep you updated on any shows in the NYC vicinity.  The video was created from footage of the band flying kites in the snow…ahh Canadians…and was shot entirely on Super 8 by local experimental filmmaker Karl Lemieux. Great song and great vid that really captures a fleeting nostalgic feel. Cop a feel yourself and watch it and let us know what you think.



Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun are an Atlanta based “90’s alternative” indie rock throwback band that rely heavily on electronics and indie pop. Its a bit like Muse meets Metric but with a female singer that reminds us of Liz Phair… and maybe a little Ladytron thrown in there.  What the hell.  No NYC Tour dates in sight for this summer but you can catch them up and down the eastern seaboard on their Lightening Exhibit tour. The video for “Like it or Not”, featured on their new EP “The Lightening Exhibit”, is a no frills concept artfully shot by Jason Brown  in the band’s studio. Check it out and chime in.  Do you like it or not?

Lately we have been featuring a lot of new music videos on discosalt, and we would like to keep this trend going… so if any bands are interested in premiering their videos with Discosalt, contact us at:



Just a little free ear crack from David Byrne and Brian Eno to help get you over the hump and ease you down that slowly descending flight pattern to the weekend.



Suckers are a Brooklyn  synth and percussion-based quartet that sound like a mix between Yeasayer and Modest Mouse.  Think experimental pop with lots of backround harmonies, primal beats and hand claps. Their self-titled EP was actually produced by Yeasayer’s Anand Wilder, and the video for “Easy Chair” bears resemblence to “Float on” both in its sound and visuals but it brings its own style too. So,  slide your easy chair over and check it out, its pretty cool. Suckers are Quinn Walker and Austin Fisher, two cousins from coastal Connecticut, joined by friends Pan and Brian Aiken. The four are getting some real hype for their live shows that incorporate Serbian interpretive dancers into their futuristic high energy performances. Check them out on the Suckers Webs

Suckers have a busy summer schedule planned playing five shows with Rock Plaza Central, opening for MGMT at Prospect Park on July 1st and a July Pianos residency.




Band: Ben Harper and Relentless7

Album: White Lies For Dark Times

Label: Virgin

Ben Harper is largely underappreciated and while I suspect that’s perfectly fine with his fans, Mr. Laura Dern deserves that one record to cement his status as God-like Musical Genius. White Lies for Dark Times is, sadly not that record.

What it is, is a mix of fun, funky, hook-laden bluesy numbers that channel Buddy, Muddy, Jimi and Stevie (Lay There and Hate Me, Why Must You Always Dress In Black, Keep It Together) and soft’n strummy heartache ballads that echo Croce and Cat (Skin Thin, Faithfully Remain). The rest are a mixed bag that wouldn’t be out of place as background music on any number of network TV dramas.

The single, Shimmer and Shine, however is a straight-up raw rocker with a sweet, poppy side that is the only product of Relentless7 sessions that doesn’t feel like a leftover from the old Harper & Innocent Criminals discog. In fact, fans may recognize some of WLFDT songs from past live shows dating back as far as 2004.

Taken for what it is though – a new group/side project’s recorded jam sessions fleshed out with some reworked miscellaneous – White Lies For Dark Times is a decent populist showcase of the very talented, genre hopping Ben Harper. If anything – as anyone who’s ever been before will tell you – Ben Harper is always better live and this will serve to whet the appetite of those anxious to hear and see their man and his band, Relentless7 serve up something much more satisfying.




Frequent partner in sonic crime, Filastine, Barcelona-based DJ & poducer Grey Filastine, drops his sophmore effort, Dirty Bomb. This video, made in BCN by the Kognitiv Krew was  just released for the track “Singularities” where Filastine, a lone gypsy like superhero, takes on the waves of greed and globalization with his dark beats until he finally just gives up and returns to the sea. Its a bleak, Requiem for A Dream reminicent track paired with some really cool desaturated visual imagery. Check it out for yourself and chime in.


The Black Angels: Directions To See A Ghost

The Black Angels: Directions to See a Ghost

Label: Light In the Attic

Release Date: May 13, 2008

Most people know this Texas band from their first EP and full length albums on the well known Austin label Light In The Attic. I will never forget the first time I saw these guys play, mainly because I imagined that seeing Big Brother and The Holding Company back in the 60’s was probably a similar vibe. Uber psychedelic, fuzzed out guitar with projected images all over the room. Very cool show. Their new album “Directions To See A Ghost” is definitely not much of a departure from their previous work. But I will say this; the album is almost worth buying for the artwork alone: a rare thing these days when physical CD’s are thought of as disposable at best and a pain in the ass at worst. There is no doubt that if you like getting stoned vand nailing hippie chicks that don’t shower this album will appeal to you. Everything about it is about mood and tone as opposed to hooks and structure. It’s a true 60’s throw back to the point that giving a real track by track breakdown is almost pointless. You really need an evening to drop yourself in to the most comfortable part of your couch or bed to really enjoy this album for all it is worth. If you are a fan of true blues, psychedelic rock this album and a shower should definitely be in your future.

Anderson van Luftsworth



June 1:

Franz Ferdinand-Blood[dub version of Tonight: Franz Ferdinand]

June 2:

Elvis Costello- Secret, Profane & Sugarcane

June 9:

The Dead Weather (Jack White, Allison Mosshart)- Horehound

Dirty Projectors- Bitte Orca

Rhett Miller- Rhett Miller

Sonic Youth- The Eternal

June 23:

Deer Tick- Born on Flag Day

Dinosaur Jr. – Farm

The Lemonheads- Varshons

The Mars Volta- Octahedron

Pete Yorn- Back and Forth

June 30:

Fiery Furnaces- Im going away

Wilco- Wilco (the album)



Viva la France! Premiere Video from Parisien electro rock duo Make the Girl Dance. Who else wants to move to Paris? Reminds us of Matt and Kims video for “Lessons Learned”…only more French…and way sexier…and less police brutality.



Its hump day and Discosalt wants to help you get over the hump.  Check out the new self-titled Wilco album streaming on their website. Enjoy!



Since 2004, Holy Fuck, a Canadian electronic band aye, has been cranking out  electro sounding effects using live instrumentation without any laptops or programmed tracks.  So while you think you might be hearing looping, splicing or programming in their music,  they are actually playing it all. Young Turks Director: Drew Lightfoot from their new record “LP” in stores and online now



This Bloc Party video was shot over just two nights at London’s Olympia theater by fans with cell phones! The footage was cut and integrated with some behind the scenes action to create a lo-fi masterpiece video for “Ares (Villains Remix)”. The Video may give you a seizure the first time you watch it but it has an amazing energy that captures the feeling of being right in the middle of a live show crowd and may induce leg dropping.  And the remix is rowdy, so check it out. The track is taken from Bloc Party’s “Intimacy Remixed” out now on Wichita Recordings/ Atlantic (US).



Deer Tick with Jenny Lewis tour dates have been announced for June to support Deer Tick’s second album Born on Flag Day , also out this June. Check Local Discosalt Show list for details.


Passion Pit

Passion Pit

May 5:

Akron Family- Set “Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free

Conor Oberst-Outer South

British Sea Power- Man of Aran

May 19:

Iggy Pop-Preliminaires

Iron & Wine- Around the Well

Passion Pit- Manners

May 26:

Grizzly Bear-Veckatimest


Portishead: Third


Portishead: Third

Label: Mercury

Release Date: April 29, 2009

So often a prolonged hiatus between albums fails, timing completely falling through the cracks. But Portishead’s tactic of forcing fans to hold their breath for an excruciating 11 years for a new LP has paid off. A dark voyage to things past, or an enchanted view of the future, songstress Beth Gibbons has never had a problem painting an otherworldly picture. Don’t fret, all the additional trappings of mid-90’s Portishead are there: minimalist drumming, lo-fi guitar, loads of echo. Immediate standouts include “Hunter” & “Silence”, two of the most visual tracks on the album. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself daydreaming of journeying through a monochromatic landscape. “The Rip”, a wonderful illustration at how successful their simple yet climactic song arrangements are. Of course there are little surprises such as the ukulele/barbershop quartet take on “Deep Water”. And I’ll be damned if the last minute of “Machine Gun” isn’t the theme song to the original Terminator film. Aside from these momentary drifts, Portishead satisfies wholly, proof that the fruit is better when ripened.



Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours

Label: Modular Interscope

Release Date: April 8, 2008

This album is the epitome of what I needed to start summer. Fully loaded with catchy dance hits, Cut Copy has really outdone themselves this time. Every track on this album is whipped lightly, and prepped perfectly for the French pop sound they are frequently accused of imitating. I disagree with comparison because it implies a simplicity and lack of depth to the music, which is simply not present in this album. The lyrics are catchy, and the beats are fresh. Although their sound is similar from song to song, each song has something different to offer, namely, emotion. This is the most emotive electro pop I can remember hearing, and it shows through in their dynamic live performances. There are some standout tracks from “Lights and Music” which recalls the glory days of the 80’s club era to “Hearts on Fire” which brings back memories of Madonna and slumber parties. If you are a person who even vaguely likes pop, the subdued fun in this album will speak to your inner dance-self.

<3 The Elephant


Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once

Lyrics Born: Everywhere at Once

Label: Anti

Release Date: March 18, 2008

Quannum poster-boy Lyrics Born (born Tom Shimura) didn’t just step off the ship-hop. Collaboratively producing albums as far back as Latyrx’s The Album, LB has subjectively perfected unique vocalizations characterized by buzzing baritone and vocab depth. This go LB explores the trappings of success, while reflecting on the blood, sweat & tears shed to get here. Unlike his freshman solo effort Later That Day…, he’s spent considerably less time massaging flows from track to track. And although a good four years weren’t taken to cultivate, most tracks are laden with the same electronic funk that suit him like white suits rice. Cut to the quick with “I Like It I Love It”, the standout jimmy jam among jams. On “Hott 2 Deff” LB employs indie hip-hops other more notable baritone Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) doing both justice. Don’t be surprised if you hear LB more often in the club rather than (Coke) commercials. Everywhere At Once is new-school bump and grind, working well for everybody who wants to shake their ass.