MP3 – Anika : In The City

Check out Anika’s new  “industrial disco” single –  a cover of The Chromatics’ “In the City.”

MP3 – Warm Soda : Waiting For Your Call

Perfecting the blend of glitter and grime that earned Bare Wires a soft spot in the hearts of the bubblegum-popping, foot-stomping masses, Matthew Melton joins with bassist Chase Oren, guitarist Rob Good, and drummer Ian McBrayer as Warm Soda.

LISTEN – Warm Soda : Waiting For Your Call

MP3 – Caveman : In the City

Caveman—a five-man vibe collective from NYC—released their first album in 2011. As first albums go, CoCo Beware was something akin to a moody statement of intent, a blueprint for a band quickly learning how to create horizon-wide rock songs that were equal parts intimate and expansive. 

On their self-titled sophomore album Caveman stretch their legs in a number of different, albeit cohesive, directions.

Listen to the first single “In The City” on Soundcloud below:

Album Stream – The Echo and the Sound : EP

The Echo and the Sound are  a two piece guitar and drums, rock band from Los Angeles.  Sounds like: “If Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard got into a fist fight while drinking in a desert cantina.”

MP3 – Tapioca and the Flea : Mellotron

Los Angeles band, Tapioca and the Flea bring a fresh combination of video game synths, psychedelic guitars, pulsating bass lines, and heavy rhythms.  Stay tuned for the release of their first EP with producer Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, Cold War Kids) early 2013.

MP3 – Eliza Hull : Echoes

Eliza Hull started singing at five and never stopped. Her ethereal, dreamy and heart-felt sounds with progressive beats, inspired by The xx, Sia and Lamb, compel the listener to enter her world. Eliza’s 2012 debut EP, Dawn demonstrated her eclectic approach to sound. Her latest offering, single Echoes,supports the intensity, emotion, and lyrical story telling which characterises her music.

Album Stream – Weepikes : We are Weepikes

Weepikes is a pronk/alternative rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The first incarnation of the band was active only for a short period of 3 years from 1994 to 1997, when they released ep’s on Finnish indie labels like Trash Can Records and Bad Vugum. Since 2010, after 13 years of hiatus Weepikes is back and working on new songs.

Below is a digital release of “we are weepikes”, which will be released on cd 02/15/2013.

MP3 – Pure X : Things In My Head

The stars at night are big and bright. Clap Clap Clap. Deep in the heart of Texas band Pure X. Listen to their newest track – “Things In My Head” – off the band’s upcoming May LP – Crawling Up the Stairs. 

MP3 – Dick Diver : Water Damage

Melbourne’s Dick Diver released their first single – “Water Damage” off their upcoming album Calendar Days, out March 16. Listen to this mellow, jangly, dream-pop gem below:

MP3 – The Strokes : One Way Trigger

Julian Casablancas stretches his falsetto range on the new Strokes track, “One Way Trigger”.  Stream  it below.

Free download here:

MP3 – Nervous Nellie : Gloves

Stockholm’s Nervous Nellie make their American debut with the infectious indie romp “Gloves”. The Gloves EP which showcases four indie pop gems, plus a remix by The Shout Out Louds’ Adam Olenius, will be released on February 12th.

“The idea for the song came after hearing an old Tom Petty drum pattern on an oldies station when out driving one day. After building the beat at the breakfast table the following morning the rest just came naturally. For every writing & recording process there is always that one defining song that helps decide the overall direction & vibe of the final body of work, this is that song for us now. We wanted to do something different from what we’ve done before & we are confident we have succeeded. The fact that Henriks wife finds the verses of “Gloves” to somehow be a little “icky-sounding” tells us that.

MP3 – Javelin : Nnormal

NY/LA genre-hopping duo Javelin have announced the release of their second full-length Hi Beams, out March 5 with Luaka Bop.  Stream the first single ‘Nnormal’ below or download for free in exchange of an email here.

Javelin (cousins George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk) recorded and mixed Hi Beams at Machine With Magnets (Pawtucket, RI) using proper microphones, a vintage mixing desk, an array of amplifiers, real plate reverb – in the traditional sense a “studio album.” Previous work had been cobbled together in home studios and mixed on computer. On this record, Javelin aimed for a sound they could not have achieved by themselves. Hi Beams represents a more holistic approach to writing and recording than previously attempted by the band. The lyrics and vocal harmonies for the first time are foregrounded in decidedly songlike forms. The songs were made to be performed in concert rather than as a patchwork of fragmented glittery shards. They cover a broad range of territories: homage to the strangeness of being a performer; encountering beauty and the void in the natural world; light, sky, stars, moon; gravity, delivered with levity…

Discosalt Holiday Mix : Volume 3


We are keeping our mix-giving tradition alive this year with volume 3 of the Discosalt Holiday Mix.  Volume 3 is loaded up with new indie holiday tracks and  old classics from artists like Paranthetical Girls, Chuck Berry, Deanna Kirk, Flowman, The Maytals, 44.1K and Postcode. Happy Holidays from Discosalt! and feel free to re-gift this link to your friends.

Play Volume 1 and 2 : 







Play Volume 3: 

Mp3 – Tame Impala : Feels Like We Only Go Bachwards (Young Dreams Version)

After their recent support of Tame Impala on their European Tour, Young Dreams took what they saw to heart and covered their touring partner’s latest single, with a twist.

The aptly retitled ‘Feels Like We Only Go Bachwards’ is a sweetly harmonic tribute to composer Johan Sebastian Bach.

The ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ single package, with reworks by Young Dreams and Memory Tapes, will be available December 14th (AUS) / 17th (UK/EU) / 18th (USA).

MP3 – Tamaryn : I’m Gone

Tamaryn delivers on all of the promise of their debut LP The Waves and then some on their excellent new full-length Tender New Signs, a moving, achingly gorgeous widescreen evolution of the duo’s “sky-gazing” dream pop. Listen to the the track “I’m Gone” below. Tender New Signs is out on clear vinyl via Mexican Summer.

Album Stream – ANR : Tobe Hooper

ANR has just released TOBE HOOPER, a full-length Halloween album heavily dosed with wolves, zombies, serial killers and all sorts of eeriness to keep you up at night. It’s perfect for any and all Halloween parties / nights at home alone carving pumpkins in a leatherface mask.

Check it out on soundcloud

Among the best moments of the 14-track album are:
Waking The Dead“, the zombie’s national anthem,
Monster Mash feat. Jillian Mayer” a cover of the classic featuring emerging Miami star Jillian Mayer,
Chainsaw” a perfectly Halloween Ramones cover,
MS MR – Bones (ANR Version)” an electro remix that pushes the song to its scariest potential,
& “Willowy Eye” a beautifully dark, tragic love song

TOBE HOOPER is the bands tribute to a man of the same name, the director behind Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It goes without saying that ANR are huge horror nerds, and it shows in the dedicated approach they’ve taken to the album. Defying genre, they take wiz from Punk Rock to Future RnB, Hip-Hop to Musical Theater, Electro to Bluegrass and back again. TOBE HOOPER comes on the heels of PAT RILEY, a mixtape/album released in September, and the band is currently working on an LP due out 2013.

MP3 – Von Haze : Mother Mountain

Here’s a special Halloween treat from the dreary duo Von Haze. Download and stream their new track “Mother Mountain” –  a dark and hazy cut of minimal electro and creepy vocals, taken from their album Kar Dee Akk Ake which drops today on iTunes with physical due out 11/6 via Pendu Sound.

MP3 – Happy Lives : We’re So…

Had enough Lo-Fi ? Young and indecisive, Brooklyn-based  Happy Lives have your antidote- tizzying up bounce friendly Garage Rock that sounds like an oddly amazing marriage between Nirvana and James Blake.  With already 43 shows under their belt since their start in February, the band takes stage at CMJ 2012 at Muchmore’s on October 20th at 9pm. Don’t miss them live!

MP3 – Quiet Loudly : Go Into The Light Smiling

On the second full-length album from Quiet Loudly – Go Into the Light Smiling, the Brooklyn soft-psychers, once again, deliver an introspective and honest record with real energy.  If you missed this in July, here’s your second chance. Listen below:

MP3 – Dead Horse One : Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines

Dead Horse One  is a French eclectic musical group that spans multiple genres including Shoegaze and psychedelia. Their avowed aim is to be a ”Heavenly choir of jet engines”, filling the sound-scape of the world with an endless extended note, wistful and melancholic….macabre and beautiful…from which will emerge pop songs…

Watch – M83 : Official Music Video Competition

M83’s third single “Steve McQueen”, from the critically acclaimed Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming –  will be released with diverse and epic remixes from AlluxeBeatauCueMAPS and SALM, alongside the new video  [ chosen shortly from submissions to the competition ] on November 27th.

The track continues the legacy of M83’s dazzling cosmic-pop, with exploding guitar riffs and driving drum beats, the listener is sure to be carried away.

Watch  all 126 competing music video submissions HERE. 

Also, be sure to take a listen to NPR’s stunning recording of their performance at the historic 9:30 Club from earlier this year. Listen here!

Album Stream – Band of Horses : Mirage Rock

Band of Horses has launched a new BOH website with the release of  Mirage Rock, the follow-up to 2010’s Infinite Arms. Both the album and the website features the photography of Christopher Wilson throughout. Check out for all the latest news, tour dates, videos and more and stream the new album in its entirety below, via the band’s website.

Video – Fear of Men : Green Sea

You were just saying that you missed the Cranberries…

Watch Fear of Men’s video for ‘Green Sea’

Grab Toronto’s Beta Frontiers dancefloor re-mix of  “Green Sea” below:

MP3 – Vaadat Charigm : Witches

Shoegaze from Tel Aviv?  Vaadat Charigm is an Israeli trio inspired by bands like Beat Happening and My Bloody Valentine…and just in time for the holidays…

MP3 + Video – Smokey Robotic : Schizophrenic DJ

New York based superfuture group Smokey Robotic are a four member supergroup featuring producers !llmind and Konrad OldMoney and lyricists Seer and Father Dude!llmind has a deep knowledge in Hip-Hop beats, as he recently worked with Kanye West on one track for the Cruel Summer album, while Konrad OldMoney is creating his own genre/sound called “GlobalBass.”

The guys dropped off a brand new video this week for their most recent single, Schizophrenic DJ, shot by Pier Pictures.

MP3 – ROOM8 : Transduction

ROOM8 “Transduction” is a crossroads on the electronic highway. An audio film that takes place in a musical past, present, and future. The brain child of Ezra Reich  and Nic Johns, “Transduction” features Electric Youth (from the neon noir hit “Drive”), Martha Davis (leader of classic New Wave icons, The Motels), the sax work of Ian Young from M83, guitar work from Giorgio Moroder’s arranger and guitar player and famed producer, Richie Zito, mixed with Gavin Mackillop (Human League, General Public, Heaven 17). With artwork by the legendary art collective, The Zonders.

Get a sneak peak and listen to the first single, “Visions of You (feat. Electric Youth)”  and B side “Neon and Dice”  below.

MP3 – Hills : Hills LP

Hills are a surf rock band from Los Angeles. They just released their self-titled album, which you can download below.

MP3 – Anomaly : Rush Hour

“Rush Hour” is a must-hear new track from London-based electro newbie – Anomaly. The synthy track, released under indie record label sickmusicuk Records, is reminiscent of Labyrinth Ear with mesmerizing vocals and buzzing beats.

Album Stream – Alt-J : An Awesome Wave

alt-J (∆)’s name takes a little explaining. Pronounced “alt-J”, the delta sign is created when you hold down the alt key on your computer keyboard and punch ‘J’ on a Mac computer. The symbol has a deeper meaning for the band, as guitarist/bassist Gwil Sainsbury notes, “in mathematical equations it’s used to show change,” and the band’s relatively new name came at a turning point in their lives.

On the heels of a tour announcement and following a remix by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek, alt-J have shared a remix of “Fitzpleasure” by The Internet of Odd Future (Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians) which is available for streaming and free download via the SoundCloud link below. Support continues to surround all things alt-J with the addition of “Tessellate” to BBC’s Radio 1 A-List, following a premiere of the music video with Noisey.



Stream the band’s debut album – An Awesome Wave – below: 

MP3 – KODIAK FUR : All That You Are

If you like the XX, you might want to check out the self entitled EP by Miami based quartet KODIAK FUR.  Kodiak Fur consists of singer-songwriter/bassist Albert Vargas, producer/guitarist ZuesLve, as well as Steve Sanz and Chris Thomas, 2/3’s of the Mr. Familiar production team.  Mr. Familiar has worked with Yelawolf, Steven A. Clark, Solange, Nipsey Hussle, J.Nics, Homeboy Sandman, as well as others.

New Track – These Kings : Home

Listen to two new tracks from instrumental, progressive, indie, mathpop, rock group – These Kings –  from Birmingham, UK.

MP3 – Lazyeyes : Nostalgia

From the ashes of The Twees, comes Brooklyn band – Lazyeyes. Former Twee front man Jason Abrishami, with members Alex Taraka and Paul Frank Volpe have forged a new Dream-Pop band with the environmental footprint of Surf-Pop; a sound they call –  “surfgaze”. The band is planning to record their debut EP this year, but For now, you can listen to the track “Nostalgia” on Bandcamp.

MP3 – Twin Shadow : Castles in the Snow (Com Truise Remix)

Twin Shadow has announced a second NYC Ton Up Tour show on Friday September 28th, 2012 at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Get tickets HERE.

Grab some MP3’s and stream Twin Shadow’s new album below:

MP3 – Twin Shadow : Five Seconds

MP3 – Twin Shadow : Castles in the Snow (Com Truise remix)

New Track – Tame Impala : Elephant (Todd Rundgren Remix)

Tame Impala‘s rumbling epic ‘Elephant‘ gets the remix treatment from legendary rock experimentalist Todd Rundgren. It went live a day ago with Rolling Stone but just like Jack Bauer, it took 24 hours for it to save the world and come home.

Elephant‘ is taken off of Lonerism, out Oct 5th (AUS), Oct 8th (UK/EU), Oct 9th (USA) on Modular Recordings. Pre-order it from your choice of a veritable online cornucopia of links:

Mod Shop / iTunes / JB Hi Fi / GetMusic / Resident Music / Norman Records / / Amazon / Rough Trade.

Listen on Soundcloud: 

MP3 – a dark horse : Debut EP

Download the debut EP from DIY band a dark horse – FREE HERE.  Formed in Dublin in the winter of 2010, Hugh Rodgers and James Parker came together to create a band unlike anything either had been in before – making music that is more cinematic than sound or song alone. With the help of some trusted friends and accomplices, a dark horse record and produce their music, make their own music videos and design their own artwork.

Album Stream – Appollo Brown : Trophies

Trophies” is 16 tracks of mass appeal set in motion by two different eras of hip hop’s elite. Detroit based hip hop producer Apollo Brown lays the foundation, and the legendary OC constructs the vocals. Arguably, their best album respectively, “Trophies” is straight to the point hip hop; no frills, no preservatives, not even a single feature. Just OC at his finest and Apollo once again commanding no disappointments.

Check out our interview with the beastly beat maker – Apollo Brown HERE 

MP3 – Cat Power : Cherokee

Download Cat Power’s new single “Cherokee” plus Nico Jaars hauntingly beautiful remix below: 

New Tracks – Panda Bear : Soft Serve Rip Curl + Principe Real

Panda Bear dropped two new instrumentals in his dope mix for Centipede Radio.  Listen to the dreamy “Soft Serve Rip Curl” and“Principe Real” below:

Album Stream – Mythologies : Honey Tapes

New Psychedelic Rock, DIY extended play Honey Tapes from Mythologies.

MP3 – Nite Jewel : What Did He Say + Kamera Song

Nite Jewel’s  out-of-print debut LP Good Evening is finally getting the reissue treatment (including vinyl) this fall via Secretly Canadian. Expect two bonus tracks including “What Did He Say” plus a cover of the Inner Space classic “Kamera Song“. Listen below:

Album Stream – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti : Mature Themes

Listen to Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s strange new LP Mature Themes — in its entirety, via Vancouver’s exclaim!.

MP3 – White Denim : Darlene + Gas On F

White Denim have two previously unreleased downloads for you,  recorded during the band’sTakes Place In Your Work Space sessions.

mp3: White Denim :: Darlene

mp3: White Denim :: Gas On F

Stream – Vybez Cartel : Kingston Story

The Deluxe Edition of Vybez Cartel’s Kingston Story is streaming now on soundcloud. Take a listen to the critically acclaimed record and 2 unreleased tracks below. The re-release is out 8/14 on Vice.

Stream – Buffalo Killers : Dig. Sow. Love. Grow

Ohio based trio Buffalo Killers‘ are streaming their fourth full-length effort – Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. Stampeding with the ferocity of their first two albums (the Dan Auerbach-produced Let It Ride from 2008 and their self-titled debut from two years prior), Dig. Sow. Love. Grow incorporates much of the loose, organic nature from last year’s highly-praised album 3 with some late ’60s psychedelia, blues, Americana, garage rock and the folk-rock sounds that rolled out of Laurel Canyon in the early ’70s like a sweet cloud of Acapulco Gold.


MP3 – BBC Radio 1 Mix : Shlohmo

BBC Radio 1 has another great mix out, this time from L.A. producer –  Shlohmo.  Exploring Future Beats, features unreleased material, including “Out of Hand” + remixes of Just Friends (Nico Jaar + Sasha Spielberg), Ryan Hemsworth, Carly Rae Jepsen, and more:

mp3 –  Shlohmo  :  mix for BBC Radio 1

First Listen – Tame Impala : Elephant

‘Elephant’ is the beastly first single proper from Tame Impala‘s forthcoming sophomore effort, ‘Lonerism’, to be released this coming Oct 5 (AUS) / Oct 8 (UK) / Oct 9 (USA). A swaggering glam strut about a cocky jock playing the jerk, ‘Elephant’ is Tame Impala at their confident (and of course cosmic) best. It’s a wild space rock safari and the lift off point to planet Lonerism.

MP3 – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti : Only In My Dreams

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti has another track to share from Mature Themes, out in August on 4AD:

mp3: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only in My Dreams

Mp3 – JJ : Summer High EP

More summer tracks for you. Grab jj’s new 5-song “free digital EP” aptly titled High Summer, courtesy of Sincerely Yours.

mp3: jj :: 10
jj :: High Summer EP .zip (34 mb)

MP3 – John Maus : Bennington

John Maus is set to release a collection fo rare and previously unreleased material creatively called A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material.  You can purchase the album on translucent pink vinyl from Ribbon Music here, or download one of the stranger obsessive “love songs” from the album below

mp3: John Maus : Bennington

MP3 – Dent May : Shakedown Street (Greatful Dead Cover)

Listen to Dent May‘s funky, homage to the Grateful Dead’s Shakedown Street.

mp3: Dent May :: Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead cover)

Dent May’s Do Things is out now on Paw Tracks.