Lately, Ive been digging back into my record collection to revisit some completely under-rated 90’s bands whose sound seems to be creeping back into this years new stream of indie pop albums like The Pains of Being Pure At Heart.  On heavy rotation, Black Tambourine, one of the earliest Slumberland groups of the 90’s made up of members of Whorl and Velocity Girl who for me, is one of the defining indie/twee/buzz pop bands of the movement. With heavy influences by British noise pop groups, Jesus and Mary Chain, Phil Spector, Love, Orange Juice and the Ramones, the band only enjoyed an extremely brief career before drfting off the radar. But the band might be making a comeback this year. On March 30, Black Tambourine plans on releasing  a self-titled deluxe remastered collection that will include 6 previously unreleased tunes along side essential singles like “We Can’t Be Friends” and all on 12″ vinyl. Essential listening.

Track list:

1. For Ex-Lovers Only
2. Black Car
3. Pack You Up
4. Can’t Explain
5. I Was Wrong
6. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge
7. Drown
8. We Can’t Be Friends
9. By Tomorrow
10. Pam’s Tan
11. For Ex-Lovers Only
(First Demo)
12. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge
(First Demo)
13. Heartbeat
14. Lazy Heart
15. Tears of Joy
16. Dream Baby Dream


New video from La art-rock trio, The Happy Hollows for their latest single, “Death To Vivek Kemp” off the EP Spells.  The stop motion animation video, directed by Benjamin Hoste was hand animated frame by frame using markers and water colors, accentuated by a barrage of random shapes, paint splatter and a simple water color palate throughout, it is a nice compliment to the bands affectless post-punk and breezy California rock sound. Spells is available now courtesy of Autumn Tone Records and the band is currently on tour.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
2/18 Los Angeles, CA – The Smell
3/3 Washington, DC – Black Cat
3/4 Philadelphia, PA – The North Star
3/12 Los Angeles, CA – The Troubadour
3/13 Phoenix, AZ – Trunk Space
3/17 – 3/20 Austin, TX – SXSW


Discosalt Video of the Week 2/14/10: This weeks video comes from UK post-punk, new wave, pop band New Young Pony Club with the single “Chaos” off their forthcoming 2nd album The Optimist, which hits stores March 1st via Modular.  A real marriage of dance and pop ethic,  the video for “Chaos” features a simple but stylish performance by the band, directed by Jo Apps. The band will be on tour in the UK for most of March, but no news yet on whether the band will visit our side of the great pond this year.

The single “Chaos” was also given the remix treatment by Rory Phillips and will be featured on the single alongside other remixes by Melé and the Manic Street Preachers.  You can check it out below:
| New Young Pony Club | “Chaos (Rory Phillips Remix)” | MP3 |


Wild Beasts are an indie rock band out of the UK,  who seem to garnish most of their fame from lead singer Hayden Thorpe’s gender bending vocal ability. A noteworthy feat  i might add, which places the band among a small circle of credible indie bands with the actual ability to pull off the obscurely masculine falsetto without inviting ridicule. The reason for this, is in large part due to the bands darker lyrics, a blend of  alliteration, wordplay and gritty themes  so poetically composed (even when the band is being cheeky), that each song plays out like a majestic melancholy bowie-esc mini opera about human nature and sex.  And even within this formula, the band still manage to cram in some songs about teen angst, being thrown out of school and yes, football.

All of these elements are present on the bands third single “We still got the taste dancin’ on our tongues” off their new album Two Dancers. This is a good introduction to the band, if you don’t already know them. Mellowed guitar riffs that sound kind of like the edge playing jazz paired with some really hypnotic vocal layering between Thorpe’s falsetto and bassist Tom Fleming’s deeper-voiced croon. The video was directed by The Collective Institution For Eyes, more specifically Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull and places the band floating through the snow spliced with images of a galloping horse…just go with it. Here’s what the directors have to say on their creation:
“We Still Got The Taste Dancin On Our Tongues is a tale of insatiable lust, full of twisted bawdiness and louche adventures, in Wild Beasts unique, inimitable style.”


Couldn’t resist this one. Official music video for Boy Crisis’s single, “The Fountain of Youth”, directed by Jordan Fish, off the album ” “. Boy Crisis is a Brooklyn (where else) based band which features Victor Vasquez of the rap duo Das Racist. The band is heavily influenced by the post-disco/post-punk sound of the early 80’s and are often compared to MGMT, not only for their sound but aesthetics. Its a pretty over the top video to say the least. For starters, the video was cast through a craigslist casting call “looking for local spear-wielding ladies to wear relatively minimal costumes. No pay, but free food.” If the filming location seems familiar, that’s because it’s McCarren Pool in Williamsburg.  Since the pool parties ended last year,  Boy Crisis would like you to believe that a strange post apocalyptic gang of women in headdresses have inhabited the space and held the band captive there , which they seem to have embraced…along with their American Apparel gold tights. Ok, so now that I think about it, maybe the video premise isn’t thaaaat far off from what really goes on there. So, if you haven’t already had your fill of hipsters dressing up like noble savages, raise a PBR, this one is for you.

I should note, in ’08, Pitchfork Media declared these guys “the absolute worst band in the world right now. Seriously” and said “they manage to fulfill every hipster douchebag cliche”. Strong to quite strong words and where does that leave Creed?  I’m not sure who these guys pissed off, but I think Pitchfork may have missed that the band is ironically being ironic…for whatever that’s worth. The real question is whether Boy Crisis has redeemed themselves in 2010?  They may need to actually find the Fountain of Youth to score staying power but this song is damn catchy, so for now, I’ll take the bait. I still dont quite understand the hot dog scene…but I don’t understand a lot of things that happen in the burg. Love em or hate em, let us know…

one more for ya. Admit it, they are funny…


Discosalt Video of the Week 2/7/10: These go to 11. This weeks video of the week for “In Your Heart” comes from Brooklyn’s volume knob maximalist trio A Place to Bury Strangers off their appropriately titled sophomore album Exploding Head.  While the album came out last fall, it’s worth revisiting.  An obvious nod to My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain,and Echo and the Bunnymen, Exploding Head’s “In Your Heart”, sounds most like Joy Division. With its bitter lyrics, reverb drenched guitar hooks and synthier 80s drum machine beats, it’s dark, loud, reckless and makes us believe the hype that maybe they are New York City’s “loudest band”.   The video, directed by Adam Grabarnick, cinematographer Marcos Durian and produced by Sara Laffer manages to capture a snapshot of the band live, a throwback to New Yorks grittier new wave basement clubs only louder, where volume and thrashing through a sweat soaked crowd can get you as f%#ed as the booze.


New video for the single “Lifted” off the Brooklyn based percussive art trio Lemonade’s new EP Pure Moods out March 9 on True Panther.  Conceived and shot by Aaron Brown, Anthony Mathile, Ash Smith and edited by Matt Egan, the video blends Lemonades psychedelic tropicalia (is that a word) with some nostalgic home video like footage of a bunch of urban kids exploring the great outdoors… maybe  shot in upstate New York?


Steve Aoki, aka Kid Millionaire, celebrity DJ and founder of Dim Mak Records, counts leading indie rock bands such as Gossip, Bloc Party, and Battles among its stable of signees. On his new album, Aoki is in the House with another red carpet of all stars from MSTRKRFT, Crookers, LMFAO, the Bloody Beetroots, Pase Rock and Boys Noize. He just released his new single “I’m in the House”, today which you can preview by  just clicking here, mouse over the title, get out your light sticks and click play.

Or you can check out Aoki’s slightly obnoxious new video for “I’m in the House” below.  Slightly suspicious…Zuper Blahq looks a lot like Will I Am in disguise. And just in case you weren’t sure where Aoki is again? or who is in there with him… no worries, he is going tell you enough times that it’s burned into the recesses of your brain. Oh yeah, he’s in the house. Got it. Good. Subtlety is not Aoki’s forte but who cares,  he is still going to get your leg droppin’.  Let us know what you think.


Discosalt Video of the Week 2/1/10: This weeks video of the week comes from the native Copenhagen  band Efterklang. Saying the band’s name may make you feel like you have a speech impediment, but the new single “Modern Drift” off the bands new album Magic Chairs, can only aid your soul. Directed by Kristian Leth, the video combines the beauty of nature with the bands drifting tranquil beats and catchy hooks. Its like a much better version of Marty Stouffer’s Wild America… but with some nudity and rollercoasters.

Modern Drift by Efterklang from Rumraket on Vimeo.


If the media monkeys and their junky junkies invite you to their plastic pantomime… throw their invites away. Just thought everyone could use a little Bowie break to space out to today.

Here’s the original demo of David Bowies Space Oddity, from the Sound & Vision box set:

MP3: Space Oddity (Original Demo) – David Bowie

And some really cool videos to check out. Just scroll over and click…quite freaky:
Its 1971 David Bowie from the music video “Life on Mars”

Its 1977 David Bowie from the music video “Be My Wife”

Its 1980 David Bowie from the music video “Ashes to Ashes”


Discosalt Video of the Week 1/25/10: The xx’s debut album “xx.” seemed to top just about everyone’s top albums of 2009. Now, the band has released a new video for “VCR” off “xx.”, directed by Marcus Söderlund. Check it out:

The xx – VCR from satelite on Vimeo.


New Video from the much talked about  new Beach House album Teen Dream.  The Maryland indie dream pop duo officially releases Teen Dream on Sub Pop this week with a DVD containing videos for each song on the album. Check out the fifth video  released through gorillavsbear for the song “Silver Soul” below directed by Beach House’s singer, Victoria Legrand:

Beach House “Silver Soul” from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

Need some more Beach House? Stream their new album “Teen Dream” in full on NPR  HERE.


Julian Casablancas video for the bizzaro Strokes tune “11th Dimension” makes you wonder why the Strokes haven’t put out anything this catchy in a while. Heavy on synth and electo, JC travels through space and time in a quasi post apocalyptic 80’s world full of stormy pagodas, black and white tricorns, MJ Bad style street gangs and an 80’s club scene complete with keytar and robot dance moves where he graffiti’s ” Anger is weakness. Patience is strength” in neon. Catchy song. Sweet video. Check it all out, and the making of the video below:


Discosalt Video of the Week 1/18/10: Official Music Video for “Rainbow in the Dark” by unsigned bro-fi rap group Das Racist Directed by Jordan Fish.

Das Racist – Rainbow in the Dark [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Jordan Fish on Vimeo.


We get a lot of music suggestions from indie labels, artists, PR Firms…even grandmothers. Todays submission comes from a Brighton Band called The Diogenes Club.  A pretty laid back melodic pop duo with an 80’s synth sound that reminds me of early Phoenix.  Their new EP 979, is a spacey 3 song album that will be available February 22, 2010 but you can stream it for free HERE

You can also check out the video for “Tie Ourselves Around” below


Discosalt Video of the Week 1/11/10: New video for “Brother Sport” from Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion  Directed by Jack Kubizne.


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Discosalt Video of the Week 1/4/10: RJD2’s new music video for “Let There Be Horns” off his latest album Electrical Connections, follows a pill poppin’ anxious yak trying to hurdle the challenges of the modern world; wake up, make it through the work day, impress a girl. Its just like your daily routine…only more so…and he drives a smart car.


Discosalt Video of the Week 12/28/09: Girls- Lust For Life. Check out more on Girls and their most recent album HERE


Discosalt Video of the Week 12/21/09: New Video for Animal Collective’s “In the Flowers” off their most recent EP Merriweather Post Pavillion.


Discosalt Video of the Week 14/12/09: New Video for Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able” off their most recent EP Veckitimest.


Discosalt Video of the Week 12/07/09: New Video from Charlotte Gainsbourg for her new single “Heaven Can Wait” featuring Beck.


Discosalt album of the week 30/11/09: New Video for Yeasayer’s new single Ambling Alp.



I first saw Allison Schulnik’s Claymation short “Hobo Clown”, this past summer as part of the Dark Toons Rooftop film festival in New York and it absolutely floored me. Now Allison has lent her happy fool/sad misfit clown character to a new music video to one of my favorite tracks from the summer, Grizzly Bear’s ‘Ready, Able’ off their album Veckitimest. Check out the Grizzly Bear video and Hobo Clown below.



With a name like Fuck Buttons, you are obviously going to get peoples attention. The real trick is holding it and the two piece experimental dance minded noise group from England do a pretty good job.  The new single “Surf Solar” off “Bright Tomorrow”, runs over ten minutes on the album but has been condensed into a nice 3:42 vid treatment that melds a four-to-the floor pulse to stuttering samples smeared with an intense, industrial and somewhat evil sonic loop. For a noise group, Fuck Buttons are surprisingly accessible, and they drop a dreamy mix of sheen melodic undercurrents and abrasive climaxes. Kinda sounds like a girl I used to date.  A style that hints less towards unwelcome noise and more towards Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Purient, and Black Dice. Trippy video to boot.



Recently, Ive been really getting into Brooklyn band The Antlers. The new album Hospice tells the story of a man who is slowly losing the love of his life to bone cancer as he watches over her in the hospital ward. Sound heartbreaking?, well it is. but the album is more about overcoming things than sinking into helplessness. And the video for “Two” is anything from dreary. Bright, vivid, 2-D version of the band playing alone in an apartment where the music fills up the empty space. Eventually, the music overcomes everything and the band members limbs, heads and bodies slowly float off in different directions.



Death, sexual fantasies and embarassing erections…just not  as funny as junior high or a Woody Allen movie.  Its Danish alt-pop band Oh No Ono’s new eerie video for “Swim” released on their new album Eggs. I’m strangely intrigued by Director Adam Hashemi’s creepy direction and yet the ending of the video left me wanting to  shower with my clothes on. Im also dumbfounded as to how the kid from the shining has only reached puberty and is acting in music videos?  I guess the idea is that puberty is confusing, and so is this strange journey into the Oedipal daydreams of a creepy kid.  redrum!



What is this? It’s Mika Miko, an underground youth punk/noise band from LA that have been turning out no-wave pony funk for the LA rave-up Smell Scene, since 2003. 4 chicks, 1 guy,  4 of whom claim to still live with their folks, who are notorious for playing rowdy free shows at random kids birthday parties in the valley.  Classic post punk mixed with a little art punk, some B52’s base lines, 1970s fractured dance beats, jagged guitars, raunchy jokes and songs about late night snacks. The new album “We Be Xuxa” which is out May 5 via Post Present Medium, features not one, but two songs about wanting a turkey sandwich. Sold!  “I Got A Lot( New New New)” is the first single and the band will be on tour on the east coast beginning in June. Buy the album, play it loud and annoy your neighbors.


Discosalt Video of the Week  7/31/08: Bat for Lashes aka. Natasha Khan’s video for “What’s a Girl to Do” from the record Fur And Gold out now on Caroline Records.