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We don’t know too much about photographer Ana Cabaleiro, but we really dig her photostream on

Flickr . We do know, Ana has a blog ( and in an interview with she professes her love of music, travel and taking photos in very open, arid and spacious spaces. We have so much in common. (call me?) She uses the words “freak, psych, weird, folk”  to describe her work which often focuses on the tips of heads, mountains, and trees and is inspired by American/Indian mythology, other Flickr photographers, the sun, mountains mountains mountains, trees, people free and running naked, tropical breeze, tribal drumming and people’s backs, always.  Ana’s photographs capture landscapes and people in Northern Spain, Las Bardenas Reales,  Navarra deserts, and las Médulas, amazing old ruins in León. Some images to peruse below:

[nggallery id=81]

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