New York City based photographer Alessandro Zuek Simonetti was born in Italy and grew up parallel to the urban street cultures of the early 90’s.  Developing his own distinct photographic language reflects his deep interest in young niche cultures. Quite often each project stretches beyond the photographic medium which serves as a sign of his maturing expression as an artist. After his graduation from the Accademy of Fine Arts of Venice in 2001 he became a professor of Photography at The Institute of Arts in Padova, Italy. His works have been published in important national and international magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ, Warp Magazine Japan, Tema Celeste, Vice and Theme. He has also collaborated with brands such as Carhartt, Zoo York, 55dsl, Lee, Bijules, Still Life NYC, Redbull, Evisu, Sartoria comunication and Slam Jam. (

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